Clever episode 24


Anita Pov
That was the best sex I have had in a long while, we spend the whole night kissing and cuddling each other. Johnson kept whispering “I love you” into my ears.

I woke up the next morning by a knock on the door, so I stood up to go answer it, Johnson was still sleeping peacefully.

“Hey good morning,” Geoffery said as I opened the door

“Morning..” I said out of shock

“Sorry I came so early, I had planned to take you out yesterday but you weren’t home or picking your calls,” he said with a worried face.

“Yeah I am sorry, Johnson came early to take the kids and I out” I replied

“Johnson? He asked sounding hurt.

Before I could reply Johnson was out calling my name

” he is here? Geoffrey asked again

“Yes he spent the night” I answered

“Okay, happy birthday..” Geoffrey said and then handed a gift to me

He left even before I could thank him, I knew he was hurt and I felt bad too, but there was nothing I could do.

“My love who was at the door,” Johnson asked as I closed the door

“Oh it was a friend” I replied, I wasn’t sure why I was feeling guilty.

Johnson dragged me back to the bedroom..he made me sit on the bed and he knelt before me, he brought out a ring professing his love and asking me to marry him again.

I was all emotional, but I rejected the ring crying.

“Is it because of the person at the door?” Johnson asked feeling hurt

I couldn’t answer him, as i glared at the gift in my hands.

“I thought last night meant something to you, Anita I have done everything to prove to you I am a changed person,” Johnson said tearing up more.

“I am sorry, I will be traveling to Canada in a week time,” I said

“You applied…well I can resign and come with you baby. Pls, say yes to me, to our family” Johnson pleaded the more.

I opened the gift in my hands and it was a beautiful portrait of me smiling with the inscription “Never stop smiling” I had a fresh ocean of tears Dripping down my cheeks.

Johnson looked at the portrait, he stood up sat beside me holding my hands.

“Do you love him? he asked.

I kept crying without answering him. I stood up and got dressed

“The kids and I will return home,” Johnson said with his head down

“Okay…l am sorry,” I said before running out of the house.


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