Clever episode 5

Episode 5

I was happy that Mr. Johnson will be away for 3 days, I asked Geoffrey if he will be going home till Johnson comes back as usual.

“Yes ma, unless you need something” he enquired.

“Yes I dont know if you have knowledge of the computer” I asked

“Yes ma, I do” he replied

“Will you mind teaching me for three days before My husband returns, i will pay you” i offered

“Okay ma, that’s not a problem let me know when you are ready” he said

“Okay thank you, lets start tomorrow morning then” I said

“Okay ma” he replied

I rushed into the house to get one of Johnson’s laptops in the drawer. Thank God it had no password, I dusted it and starred at It for a while feeling nervous and happy that I was taking this step.

I was about resting my head on the bed when my phone rang, it was my father.

“Good afternoon daddy” i greeted

“Good afternoon Anita, hope you are fine. It’s been long you came to visit us” my father said

“I am sorry daddy, I will come see you soon” I promised him.

“Pls do, I need to discuss something with you” he said

“okay daddy, I will come weekend” I replied

My father has grown old and weak over the years, two of my siblings were now in the university and the other one was about rounding up her secondary school.

I was glad they were all doing well, My marriage wasn’t all In vain after all. I droped my phone and slept dreaming of my ideas and plans, I needed to keep this a secret..

My kids will soon be home for the holidays, I needed to work on my relationship with them too, i dont care what Johnson does to me anymore.

My training with Geoffery lasted for went well, I learnt very fast as I knew it was my only chance. Geoffrey was very smart and learned which made me wonder why he became a driver.
That was our first time of having an actual conversation and sitting together, so I was careful not to cross my boundary, so I didn’t ask. I learned what I could and planned to keep on learning when ever Johnson was not home.

Just as expected my Johnson returned home I the third day evening with the kids…”hmmm he never tells me or discuss anything with me”

“Well I wasn’t going to be the sad housewife anymore” I said to my self as I watched them come down from the car.


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