Clever episode 16

Episode 16

I stayed in my brother’s house for a month now and I had just few months to round up my studies. My business was also moving well, I transfer the rest of johnson’s money to my account just in case.

I was in the shop one afternoon when my father called that he wanted to see me, I went over to his place after I had closed.

My father told me Johnson came to see him some days back and he was on his knees begging him to forgive him, my father said he lifted him u to sit and they talk for long. He told me Johnson has been seeing a therapist and he has changed a lot.

My father beg I meet with Johnson and talk things out with him, and I should try to forgive him as he was still the reason our family is now doing well and he is still the father of my children.

I went back home doubting what I heard from my father, Johnson the beast i stayed with for 13years change within one month?

Anyway if he wants to see me then he should look for me, I wasn’t going to call him. “Oh I forgot I blocked his line” I picked up my phone and unblocked him.

The next morning as I got dress ready to go to shop I saw Johnson standing right in front of the apartment with my younger brother, my brother left for his work when I came out.

I looked at Johnson and he was looking so different, he has lost a lot of weight too. He went down on his knees, crying, begging me to Listen to him and forgive him. He said a lot of things while I stood there almost in tears too.

I told him to stand up so we can go into the house.

“Johnson I am glad you have changed, but it’s for your own good too. This one month outside your house has given me much more happiness than my 13 years with you. I have forgiven you but there can’t be Us again” I told him while crying.

Johnson kept on begging m togive him another chance but I was so hurt to forgive him just like that. I told him to leave as I was running late for my business.

John stood up to leave but pleaded to say one more thing.

“You have every reason to hate me, for being a cheat and an abusive husband, for making your life miserable. I know I don’t deserve you but pls do not push me away totally, can we at least be friends” he said with tears flowing down his cheeks.

I nodded my head in affirmation, he smiled and said “I love You” before leaving.

My heart beat increased that moment, Johnson have never said those words to me since we got married. I sat down crying out all the pains in my heart all this years….


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