Clever episode 20

Episode 20

Anita Pov

My brother was transferred to another state for his work, leaving his apartment to me. After the dinner Geoffery and I have been communicating a lot on phone, some days we hangout. Johnson kept calling but I wasn’t given him much attention.

I informed him of my plans to travel out and he was cold on phone, he coldly wished me well and ask if I will like to go pick the kids from school with him, i agreed and he promise to come pick me when it’ was time.

My business was moving well, i’d employed two sales persons.

Geoffrey was also there to assist me in every aspect and I could tell there was feelings between us.

Johnson called to inform me he will be picking me up tomorrow. He was quite on time to pick me up, he had lots of sadness in his eyes, I wanted to ask but wasn’t ready for any emotional talks…atleast not when Geoffery is in the picture now.

We drove almost in silence until he broke the silence and I comply. We spoke mainly about the kids, not like we have any reasonable thing to talk about either.

The kids were excited to see the both of us there to pick them, they jumped happily in our arms and we hugged them back. Johnson drove us to the house and I went in trying to fix the children room and make them lunch.

It’s been closed to a year since i left the place and it haven’t changed a bit, Johnson and I tried to act cool around the kids. I served the food and we all sat at the dinning eating and listening to the kids talk about their school.

It was late and the kids had retired to bed when I stood up to leave too, Johnson held my hand and asked me to please stay for this night, for the kids…and then we can break the news of our separation to them together.

I knew the kids will be heart broken but I wasn’t sure I was ready to return to Johnson or will ever return, So I stayed back.

I went to the bedroom I used to share with Johnson, took my bath and wore one of his shirts. Lol something I have never done,Johnson walk in when I was looking at myself in the mirror, he stared as his eyes sparked with love, I looked at him and went to bed.

Johnson slept beside me and asked If he could cuddle me which I let him to, we both slept peacefully, only to wake up to a breakfast in bed.

Johnson cooked for me? This was a nightmare I guess.

He kept smiling at me as I tried to be sure it was real.

“Good morning my love” he said.

“Good morning” I replied still looking at him with mouth open


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