Clever episode 4

Episode 4

I ran fast to the dining and on reaching there the food was on the floor, Johnson always throws food away when he is angry. So I stayed far from him because I knew anything could happen at that moment.

“Are you mad…how many times have I told you not to make my food too spicy” Johnson yelled

“I am sorry I didn’t intend to” I pleaded

“You are lucky I have a meeting right now,” Johnson said giving me a bad look before going out.

I exhaled out.

I cleaned up the mess and went back to what I was doing. I finished my work and went to take my bath and headed out to the saloon, Johnson might have a bad temper but he always makes sure he drops money for my upkeep…The wife of almighty Mr. Johnson must look good.

I have my car, which makes many women envy me, not knowing I am paying the price of all the luxury.

I drove to the saloon, told them what I wanted and the hairdresser started her work. Just then some classic ladies worked in giggling…

“God i so envied them” i have always admired independent ladies, the freedom and confidence they carried can be seen from afar.

I tried starting a conversation with them but I wasn’t sure how, I can’t remember when last I had a friend or had an intellectual conversation with anyone. My back ground made me feel inferior and my husband made it worse, he made sure i do not make friends, I only have the gate man at home.

I was done with my hair and I left for home, I couldn’t get those ladies happy face and the confidence they had out of my mind. I drove in silence thinking of ways to bring back my confidence, ways I could be useful, ways I can achieve my dreams. I have given birth and I have suffered enough…

It was time for me to make my self proud. I drove home as I thought of the possibilities of being happy again and achieving my dreams, “all I need is to be clever” I had thought.

I drove into the compound and I saw Geoffery the driver home, Geoffery never comes home before Mr Johnson, what must have happened.

I came down from the car and asked him why he was home without Mr Johnson.

“He asked me to leave the car and come back home” Geoffery said

“Okay” I said, not like I cared.

Mr Johnson called me later on and told me he was traveling for 3 days, so I should make sure to lock the house at night.

Lol…this has always been my best moment in this marriage ” When ever he travels”.


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