Clever episode 7

Episode 7

My heartbeat increased as I waited patiently for some punching. I was scared but proud of myself, I lay in bed smiling, I heard his movement but it wasn’t to beat me but he was lying back to bed too.

I exhaled silently, closed my eyes, and dreamt of my freedom day.

The next day I woke up early to do my house chores as I needed to be at my family house early.

I went to my children’s room to inform them they were accompanying me to my family house.

“What? Daddy never allows us go to that ghetto” Vincent my eldest child said irritatingly.

“I didn’t ask for your permission or opinion, get ready we all going” I snapped at him…he sure took after his father

I went back made breakfast and bathed the younger ones. I informed Johnson his water was ready but he said he wasn’t going out so I went in and took my bath.

In less than an hour, we were ready and I went on to inform johnson we were ready to leave,

He turned and saw that the children were all dressed too, he gave me a bad look and I glared back without blinking my eyes or showed any sign of fear.

“Okay, call me when you get there,” he said turning back to his phone.

I exhaled silently, I was not expecting it to go smoothly. So I hurriedly lead the kids to the car and drove off.
It takes 2 hours to drive from our estate to my father’s house, I used that time to interact with my kids more while I drived.

We got there on time and my father and sister( our last born) were happy to see us. Unlike Johnson’s house, I was treated like a queen in my father’s house, my sister served us a lovely meal and we devour it happily.

My sister took my kids for a walk whilst my father and I sat to talk.

“Anita my laughter I am glad to see you,” my father said hugging me.

“Thank you, daddy, sorry I have not been coming often” I apologized.

” No problem, just that you look leaner, are you not eating well? My father asked looking worried.

“Hehehehe I am eating well daddy, just that I am watching my weight” I lied.

My father and I have been best of friends since my mother’s death but i could not tell him i have been Johnson’s punching back and slave since i married him or the fact that Johnson was cheating on me..not like i cared about that part though. I mean apart from his money and my kids what use is he to me.

I wouldn’t want to break my father’s heart, he will feel hurt and guilty…


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