Clever episode 17

Episode 17

Johnson pov

My therapy sessions helped groom me into a better man, everyone at my workplace could tell I have changed. The bossy and proud Johnson was now all smiles and greeting everyone.

I went to Anita’s father and pleaded with him to forgive and I was willing to make things right again with his daughter, though he was hurt he encourage me to fix my home. The kids will soon be back and I wasn’t sure how I was going to break the news to them.

Anita’s father called me after some days to tell me where Anita was, I hurriedly dashed out from my office straight to the address he gave me. I was relaxed and happier to find out she was actually at her brother’s house and not another man.

Silly me…how could I have thought about a woman that has never been with another man except me in that way. I felt horrible for the bad words I said to her that day she left the house.

When I saw her come out of the house, she looked so beautiful, she still hard her calm and welcoming aura. I went down on my knees to plead and ask for forgiveness, I was truly sorry.

Anita told me she had forgiven me but there can’t be a Us again. First I was glad she forgave me, I couldn’t leave that house without telling her how much I love her, so I did tell her.

I also wanted us to still be friends and she agreed. I was so happy when she agreed to that, I plan on using everything in my power to win her heart again.

Anita Pov.

After Johnson left, I went to my shop and spent the whole day contemplating if I made the right choice, I can’t deny the fact that instill have feelings for myself considering he is the only man I have been within my life.

Johnson now calls me every day to check on me, he also promised I can visit the kids or let them visit me anytime I wanted. At first, it was odd talking to him on phone, but as days went by I became more relaxed and accommodating with him.

I was happy Johnson has changed and wanted us back, but deep down I wasn’t fulfilled yet.

I wanted freedom but here I was in my brother’s house and spend most of the day in the shop. I needed a wider experience, I needed to think far, I wanted more for myself.

So I thought of going to Canada for my master’s, I was so happy I quickly made inquiries and then started the application process. In a month, I will be a graduate of Accountants just like my father.

Johnson’s money and the little I got from my business will help me achieve my dreams.

This is me pursuing my dreams.


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