Clever episode 19

Episode 19

Anita pov
I was at the venue on time , but thank God Geoffery was there before me. The moment he sighted my car he rushed to where I was to open the door for me as I alighted.

“Good evening ma’am” Geoffery greeted

“Good evening” I replied shyly and I walk with him to our table.

It was a beautiful restaurant, i got looking at all the beautiful decors there. I have never gone on a date with anyone except for the normal gatherings I go to with Johnson.

The waiter came and we made our orders.

“You look beautiful ma’am” Geoffery said.

“Thank you, pls can you drop the ma’am” I replied with a smile.

“Okay Ma…sorry Anita” Geoffery responded as we both laughed.

“So tell me, what is your story, how did you become an automobile spear parts dealer”i asked as we munch our meals.

” hahaha oh wow,I though we were here to hear your story, why you left and why I was not informed either” Geoffery said laughing.

“Well yes, but your story looks more interesting. So I wouldn’t mind hearing it first” I said

“Okay, you know I have been working with your husband for 6 years,I was able to save enough for my school since my third year in the house. You know I sort the internet a lot, So I have been during some online business whilst being his driver and he gave me 300k when i was about leaving. I had 3m in totally, so I started with the little I had, gave it to my younger brother to handle for me while I went for my law school, thank God he has been during a good job with the business” Geoffery said, gave me a smile and took a sip at his drink.

“Wow, you such a smart being and I am proud of you, but why didn’t you leave since at the third year you had the money” I asked

“Well, someone had to look out for you, knowing your husband was violent to you. I just thought of sticking around to watch over you” Geoffery said looking into my eyes.

“I don’t understand you, why would you do all that for me, I mean you don’t even know me” I asked surpriseed.

“I saw you in my younger sister shoes, I wanted to prevent what happened to her from happening to you” he said.

I was so emotional by his words, I couldn’t believe he did that for me. We spent the rest of the evening discussing about my own story and I told him of my plans to travel out. Geoffrey was happy for me he promised to check out good schools for me and let me know when the application is on.

We laughed and joke like two old friends until 9pm and we called it a day.


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