Clever episode 9&10

Episode 9

Johnson Pov

My name is Johnson Ogene, the first and only son of chief judge Ogene Ekene. I am the senior sales manager of Malcolm wines and taste company.

My younger sister is a doctor and my mother a big business woman. Money has never been our problem.

I met Anita while in my final year and she was the kind of wife I wanted. A humble, naive and summive wife.
I got closed to her and I noticed she needed financial assistance so I used that to my advantage.. I made her an offer and she took it.

Lol who wouldn’t? I am wealthy and good looking. I knew she already had feelings for me and that was a plus to me. I wasnt in love with her, she is not my spec but I needed a good woman at home, a submissive one. I knew letting her to further her education will ruin my plans.

I have bad temper which makes me hit her sometimes, but it has never been my intention, my temper always have the best of me..thats why I make sure she lacks nothing, my money makes her stay submissive.

Thank God Anita have never reported me to my parent, my father is a disciplined man, anyway she wouldn’t even dare.

Since I was able to get Anita to be my wife, I continued with my life of flirting, I recently met Tiwa whom has made me fallen Inlove with her.

She has the perfect hight and body, a masters holder, independent woman and very classic. She is the kind of woman I can happily go out with not my boring diploma holder Anita.

Though Tiwa is my spec but I can not make her my wife because she is too exposed…Anita is a good wife and a good mother to my kids.

Talking about Anita, I sense trouble. She is changing and acting funny this days. She now talks to me with confidence, she even forgot to cook for me and even challenges me.

This is not good, I made sure she made no friends or Associate with outsiders. Her confidence is killing me, the day she challenged me I couldn’t sleep all through or is she seeing someone?

Lol, never Anita can never think of cheating on me, but i need to bend what ever horns she is growing.

Episode 10

I plan on meeting with Tiwa today so I sent Geoffery home, I don’t like people prying into my personal life especially when my dignity is involved.

Tiwa had asked for a million naira to add up to her business, I told her to meet me at our usual hotel.
Tiwa is slowly taking over my heart and I wished I could marry her as the second wife but knowing Tiwa, she wouldnt agree to that and there was my father too who will not let it happen.

I drove quietly to the hotel and walked up to the room, Tiwa was already there looking all sexy.

I got kissing and cuddling her when she demanded for the money.

“Oh, baby calm down. I will make a transfer of 500k to you when we are done” I said kissing her body hungrily.

“Eh are you ok, 500k for who? I thought I told you I wanted a million naira” she asked rudely

“Yes, baby I know, but I have made a lot of expenses this month and I seriously don’t have a million naira to spare now” I replied still holding to her waist.

“Do not touch me then, do I look like your low class of a wife? Send me the complete money or you can take your broke self out” Tiwa humiliated me

I raised my hands and slapped her, my temper was awoken by her ungrateful attitude. She turned and looked at me with teary eyes.

“Johnson you slapped me? You dare you raise your fingers on me. No wonder you married a local woman, cos only her can stay with an animal like you” Tiwa glared at me with hate.

” I am sorry I didn’t mean to, but you pushed me” I pleaded.

“I pushed you…well you will regret ever hitting me, I will deal with you,” Tiwa said, and then she rushed and took my car key and ran off.

I followed her behind but before I could reach her she had driven off in my car. I stood outside the hotel helplessly.

I thought of calling the police by reporting a theft but Tiwa is a very trickish lady, I might just end up getting myself in trouble thereby damaging my image too.

So I went back to the hotel room, got my phone, and called Geoffery to come pick me up in Anita’s car.

Geoffrey got there in 30mins time, he didn’t ask about my car. We drove silently home…

We got home and Anita welcomed me in, she didn’t ask about my car either even till the next day.

Not like I owed her an explanation but then I felt bad that she didn’t care to ask.


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