Clever episode 15

Episode 15

I lay back on the bed after receiving the debit alert, I brought of going to block the card but my other side doesn’t mind her having the money. I had about 10m in that account and Anita deserves every bit of it, all I wish and desire for right now is to see her and ask for her forgiveness…I can’t afford to lose her.

The next day my mother introduced me to a therapist and I immediately signed up and started attending the classes. I was eager to be a better man for myself and my family.

I went back home as I needed to resume work, the house gave me a lot of bad memories that made me cry almost every day. A week after I returned Geoffery also told me he was resigning as he was going back to law school, I was happy for him and I gave him some money to support him too.

Oh heavens, Geoffery has been my driver for 6years now and I never cared to know him better. Hmmm, I was an animal as Tiwa said.

I never heard from Tiwa since the day she left with my car and I never cared to look for her either, I realized what I felt for her was just lust.

My father called me weeks later to inform me that he met with Anita’s father and he was so hurt when he heard all his daughter have been through while married to me, my father said he went on his knees to plead on my behalf and also assured Anita father that I will come as soon as I am done with my therapy.
Also, Anita never went to her father’s house and the father never knew she left my house.

Oh my God, where do I start from for the humilation I have brought on myself and my family. Where could Anita have gone to or did she go to her boyfriend’s house?

“No no” I whole my head in the negative as I rejected that thought.

“Oh God please don’t let Anita leave me,” I said out as I did the sign of the cross.

Anita Pov
The moment I arrived at my brother’s house I explained everything to him and he was sad that i had to go through all that for them. I also went to my dad and revealed everything to him, he cried so much that day, I told him not to worry as i am now developing myself and have found happiness, i told him not to tell Johnson my whereabout.

I have always wanted a fashion business, so I withdrew 500k from Johnson’s account to pay for a big shop and bought some tools needed. I checked his account and saw close to 10m naira.

My business kicked off the third week as I withdrew two million to stock It, i was surprise, why Johnson didn’t block his Atm card after my first withdraw.


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