Clever episode 11&12

Episode 11

Anita Pov

I was cooking when I saw Geoffery from the kitchen window walking in. I finished cooking and went to give him and Osas( the gateman) food.

I asked him if Johnson was traveling again, Geoffery said no. That maybe he has other things to do after work, Geoffrey was right Johnson loves driving his self when it’s on a personal erand.

” please when you are done eating I will like to talk to you,” I said to Geoffery.

I went in to serve the kids theirs and then I had mine too, I was washing the plates when Geoffrey walked in, I dried my hands and met him in the sitting room.

“I want to thank you for helping me with the computer knowledge the other day, If you don’t mind I will still need your assistance,” I said.

” okay, what’s it ma? He asked

“Okay, I want to go back to school but I want it to be a secret especially to my husband, I need your advice on which school I can apply now” I inquired

“Wow, that’s good ma, eh I will advise you to apply to open university since its online” he said.

I thanked him for his kindness and he told me he was happy to help.

“You sound educated, why are you Doing this job? I intruded

Geoffrey looked at me with sadness, he told me he is a graduate of law but have been unable to go to law school because of money. He said he lost his only sister to domestic violence by her husband and that’s why he is always angry seeing Johnson hitting me.

He even asked if i needed to divorce Johnson he have lawyer friends he could refer me to. I thanked him and told him it wasn’t necessary yet.

I wished I could help him get back to school too, but Johnson only gives me money according to my needs.

The little savings I made was what I plan on paying for school. Anyway I told him i was going to be fine and he need to concentrate on his work to raise money for his law school.

Geoffrey left for his room and I went to search for open university on the internet. Thank God they were admitting and I quickly applied.

I was about resting my head when Geoffery came asking for my car key, he said Johnson asked him to go get him with it.

Few minutes later they got back and I saw Johnson walk in with a frown, the old me would have cared to know what happened but Nahhh…i wasn’t going to do that again.

Episode 12

Anita pov

Days went by, months went by and I was growing every day in knowledge and smartness. I had started my classes, started to learn some tech skills too.

I was making money online even without stepping out, the kids were in school and I try to do everything possible to stay away from Johnson’s problem.

Even when Geoffery mentioned divorce to me, I was tempted to take the offer but I have suffered so much in this marriage, it will be a shame for me to leave without anything.

Though my family has benefited a lot from the marriage, it was now my turn to benefit. I don’t mind enduring all the abuses and beatings as long as I get my certificate and become an independent woman.

I wasn’t going to leave the marriage empty-handed.

Johnson got a new car the next week. I detached myself from him totally except when he ask for something or when I needed money.

Yes! I don’t wait for him to give me money at his own time anymore, I bring up things to demand money for him, I opened a secret account I was saving all the money.

Wow, I didn’t believe there was more to Facebook and the internet than just chatting. I have learned so much and my self-confidence was back.

I now dance around the house, dress sexier, and was looking happier. One of the days I was dancing and singing top of my voice, Johnson walk on me unannounced.

“Hey, you back welcome” I had said taking off my earpiece

“Hey..” Johnson said, looking so shocked and confused.
He stood staring at me, while I also stared back at him wondering if he needed something.

“Do you need anything?” I asked

“Mm no-no” he replied and quickly walk off to the room.

I went to the kitchen served him his dinner and went back to the sitting room chatting with all smiles.

He came down after some time, and I could feel his eyes on me, I ignored him and concentrated on my phone.

” Anita I thought pounded yam is the dish for today,” Johnson asked angrily.

“Oh yeah, but I was too tired that’s why I made spaghetti” I replied still sitting in the parlor.

“Are you nuts, how dare you counter my rules in this house” Johnson became so furious, he rushed to the sitting room to hit me?

“If you dare hit me, I am going straight to your father’s house and your workplace with your fingerprint on my face,” I said looking straight into his eyes.

Johnson was so filled with anger, he looked at me and could see I wasn’t scared of him. He dropped his hand and walked straight to the bedroom.

I smiled


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