Clever episode 21

Episode 21

Anita Pov
“I am sorry I didn’t know what you would like so I just made this toasted bread and tea,” Johnson said humbly.

“Ermm, it’s okay, I love toasted bread” I replied.

“Okay, eat while I go make the kids theirs,” Johnson said and then left

“Thank you” I whispered.

I was surprised by his gesture, I started taking my breakfast when Geoffery called me on phone.
Calling me at early hours has been his routine, he asked If I was home he would like to come to show me some schools he found in Canada that i could apply. I told him I wasn’t home, and I had spent the night at Johnson’s place.

Geoffery went mute for a while before telling me to let him know when I am back. I finished my breakfast and then took the plates downstairs, i met Johnson cleaning up the house.

“Hey, why didn’t call me to do that” I asked

“Its nothing, its just a little mess” he said smiling

“Okay, i need to go back home, thank you for the breakfast” I said

“Okay, so how about the kids..what do I tell them” Johnson asked.

“Oh i forgot, can we talk to them now? I suggested.

We both went to the kids room and Johnson broke the news to them. Johnson told them he has been a bad husband to me and that’s why I left the house.

The kids were sober by the news but i promised to always come around to see them and they could visit me anytime too.

It was a tough moment for them and for us, i told johnson to take me home, hugged the kids and went out.

On our way to my house, Johnson asked if i was serious about travelling out for my masters, and i answered yes. He said it was a good idea but he will plead with me to stay back for our kids, that he promised to put me in any university of my choice here.

I told him, i wasnt going to fall for his lies again and i have made up my mind. He felt hurt by my words, his facial expression showed so, he drove me home without a word..

I got home and called Geoffery, he came withing 10mins.
I told him I went to pick my kids together with Johnson and he said okay.

Johnson asked if I was planning to go back to Johnson and I told him I don’t know yet.

Intold him Johnson has changed a lot though and Geoffery just smiled. He showed me some good schools that offers scholarship for masters.

He said he was planning to apply too, so I would always have a friend around.

” are you doing this for me again” I asked smiling

“I guess so, what can a man in love do than to support the one he loves” Geoffery said staring at me…


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