Clever episode 8

Episode 8

“Anita when do you intend to go back to wanted to become an accountant or have you changed your mind? My father asked

” daddy I will go, I plan on applying this year” I had said to him.

My father and I spend the rest of the day gisting and talking about life. I noticed my children were now relaxed and adapting to the environment. The next day we left after attending church service with them.

I got home and I was told Johnson went out, so I went in to relax. The kids also went to take a nap, I was on the bed thinking of my discussion with my father.

He was right I need to get my degree, but how was I going to do it without Johnson knowing, I will ask Geoffery or sort for ways on the internet. I was still in thought when I heard Johnson’s car horn at the gate.

“Oh mine, I didn’t remember to prepare his meal,” I said to myself.

Well, going to make it now wouldn’t stop him from hitting me or cursing me. So, I just laid back on the bed and pretended to be asleep.

I heard his footstep in the room but I didn’t move, he went round dragging his feet and hitting things, but I didn’t open my eyes.

He went downstairs and I guess he went to the kitchen because I heard him scream my name this time around. I stood up and went down to meet him.

“Good afternoon, sorry I didn’t know when you returned,” I said.

“Where is my food or don’t you know your duty in this house anymore? He yelled

” Johnson I am sorry, I came back feeling I decided to take a nap” I replied

He tried hitting me when a torn condom doped from his pocket, he moved back immediately and turned to see my reaction but I had no expression on my face.

“Let me make your dinner,” I said and work into the kitchen living him there.

My love for Johnson started going off the very day he laid his hands on me and as years go by I started seeing him as a mere housemate.

Throughout that day and the next, I acted like I saw nothing, but I notice he wasn’t as aggressive as he used to be, i was still be myself around the house..most especially bonding with my children.

I need to see Geoffery and ask for his advice on how to get my degree. He looked educated and more exposed than me…

I have been practicing my computer and started following some influential people on Facebook to learn from them.


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