Clever episode 18

Episode 18

The next day, i drove out to go tell my father about my decision to further my education abroad when I sighted someone like Geoffery, I remember Johnson told me he went back to school.

I wound down and called out his name, he turned and it was Geoffery!
He looked so clean and handsome.

“Hey Ma’am, good morning” he greeted with a smile.

“Geoffrey, what are you doing here? Ain’t you suppose to be in school?” I asked returning the smile

“Oh yes, I am almost you left the house without a word to me ? He asked shyly

” lol I am sorry, it was urgent” I said

“So, how about you sparing sometime to explain to me as your tutor!!” He said smiling again.

“Okay, I can do that” I replied

“Okay, here is my card let me know when you free” he said.

I took his card as gave him my business canrd too and we exchange one more smile at each other and I drove off smilling all through until I got to my father’s house..

“Daddy you are enjoying o, see the big meat you are eating” I teased my father as i took my seat

“Hahaha please allow me o, i am already close to my grave” he replied taking a bite on his meat.

We laughed and tease each other before I broke my news to him, my father mood changed but he tried hiding it.

“Anita have you thought this through, how about your children and business” he asked worried.

“Daddy I have thought this through, I will hand over the business to any of my siblings and for my children, i will be calling to check on them” I replied.

“Hmmm Anita, i know you love the freedom you now have, but don’t let it take the most important things in your life away” my father said and then went back to eating his meat.

I stayed there for a few minute before returning home. I was checking my bag when I saw Geoffery’s card and decided to look at it. It was a business card, Geoffery is now a dealer in cars spear parts…i smilled as I held the card reading out the details on it.

I was anxious to hear his story so I gave him a call and we fixed a date for 7pm that evening.

Why was i smilling at the thought of Geoffery’s name and why was I so nervous to go on a date with him, not like it’s an actual date…

I kept on checking the time to know when it will be time for the date, “Anita its just a hangout not a date” I kept reminding myself as I check the time.

6:30pm I hurriedly dashed out of the house, straight to the location.


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