Clever episode 2


Episode 2

I stood up like a pet and followed behind him, Geoffrey the driver sighted us and he ran to start the car. He drove to our front and we hooped in..

Geoffrey has been our driver, I mean My husband driver for 3 years and he never says much. You can only predict his emotions through his facial expression, I have noticed him looks sympathetic when I have a fight with my hand but he there not alter a word.

I was brought back from my thoughts by the horn of the car, my heart skipped at the opening of the gate.

‘”Be strong Anita, this is another nightmare…you will be fine” I said in my mind as I breath in and out. I came down from the car but my husband was ahead of me to the house, at the step of my foot in the house I received a sounding slap.

” You stupid ungrateful woman, how dare you mock me in front of my colleagues? My husband yelled at me.

My hand was still at the cheeks I received the slap on, i couldnt move only stream of tears that was flowing from my eyes.

“I I am sorry I didn’t mean to…i was only congratula….

” puaahhhh” another slap landed on my other cheeks, I fell to the ground now sobbing out loud.

” How dare you talk back at me , you are full of bad luckk. This will be the last time you follow me out again”

He kicked me with his foot before he left for the bedroom. I stayed down crying and wondering what I have done to deserve a monster as a husband. I turned to get up when I noticed that the door was open all this while and Geoffery was outside watching everything.

When our eyes met, he quickly walked away with a sad expression.


You all might be wondering how I married Mr Johnson and why I was still in the marriage, Let me first of all introduce myself.

My name is Anita Amadi, and I am 28 years old. My father was an accountant of kingston Bank while my mother owned a provision shop and I have 3 brothers, we were living fine before my mother was diagnosed with cancer of the b****t.

My father used most of his salaries for her chemotherapy and other treatments, it got to a point we couldn’t eat well so we depended on what was left from my mothers shop. My father did all he could but my mother gave up the ghost.

It was a hard time for us as I was about writing my waec that year, my father pleaded with me to leave it for the next year as he had no money left.

He struggled to raise money for her burial and our life continued, my father was so affected by my mother’s death that it started affecting his work. We never knew my father took money from the bank to take care of my mother’s hospital bills.

He couldn’t replace It back on time before the bank knew about and he was fired. He returned home and started petty trading from the money he got from sympathizers.

He wanted me to go to school but their was no way, so i became a sales girl for a boutique, raised money to register for my Waec and jamb. I supported my father in little ways I could too.

My Waec and jamb result was good, but money to further was another problem, the bills at home never seize to end.

I went in search for a job again and this time around I got a job at a mall. I was given admission at our Federal poly where i started my ND immediately, i was already 20 years old.

It was during my ND days that i met Mr Johnson, he was doing his HND in business administration while i was in Accounting.

He was the first guy i got talking to on campus. He was among the popular guys with rich parents.


©Pamela Pam.

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