Clever episode 6

Episode 6

“Good evening mummy” the kids greeted

“You all welcome my babies” I replied hugging them.

“Welcome back,” I said to Mr. Johnson with a smile

He nodded and walked in, I took the kids in leading them into their rooms.
I hurriedly went into the kitchen to make extra food since my husband didn’t inform me the kids will be returning today.

I was almost done with the kid’s meal when my husband walked down.

“Are you just cooking? He asked angrily

” No, I made yours, this is for the kids. I didn’t know they were coming in today” I replied.

“You never knows anything, come and give me mine” he ordered.

I rushed and dished his food for him. Our kids came down too and I served them theirs.
I went upstairs to go arrange the clothes Johnson brought back and behold I saw a condom at the side of his bag.

I sat down looking at it, I had always assumed he was cheating on me considering his wealth and the manner he treats me… Confirming that my assumptions were true hurts.

I put it back and went to arrange the kid’s clothes too.

I wasn’t going to cry anymore, I was determined to develop myself and find happiness. I was already 33years old and wouldn’t let anyone determine what I should do or not.

Tomorrow will be Saturday, and I had promised to see my father, I also thought of going with the kids as it’s been a long he saw them.

Johnson never liked them going there, but if I was going to earn my respect and happiness it will have to start now.

“I will be going to see my dad tomorrow” I had told Johnson after we retired to bed.

” Okay ” he replied without looking at me

“And I will be taking the kids with me,” I said in a rush.

“What? And since when have you started making decisions about my kids without my knowledge” he asked glaring at me with anger.

“Johnson they are my kids too and they deserve to visit my family as much as they visit yours” I had said, wondering where I got the courage to speak that much.

Puaahh…I received a slap on my cheeks.

“How dare you compare your family to mine,” he asked, as he tried to hit me again but I was fast to dodge.

“Johnson, I am taking my kids to see my dad, so if you going to kill me for it now then do it now,” I challenged him looking deep into his eyes.

I climbed back into the bed leaving him in shock.


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