Clever episode 13&14

Episode 13

Johnson’s pov

The day Tiwa went away with my car, I came back home filled with anger and deserted. Anita never bordered to ask why I didn’t come back with my call, Tiwa words keep ringing into my head.

She called me an animal and claimed no woman can stay with me except Anita!

Even Anita was acting up now, even after I bought another car she still acted like I was a ghost. I dont know why I am so concerned about her not noticing me again.

I have never felt so unloved in my life, I come home and no one talks to me. Unlike before that Anita stays away because she was scared of me, now she stays away like I don’t even mean anything to her.

Just yesterday she threatened to report me to my boss and my father. Wow…I didn’t see this coming, Anita has changed a lot.

I have a strong feeling she is cheating on me, and I intend on finding out…no one dare come close to my wife.

“Pttss…did I just say, my wife? Why am I sounding jealous”

“She now walks around dancing in some sexy shots and tops…she is so annoying…ahhhh”

I worked back into the sitting room and saw her with her phone again, I rushed snatched the phone from her and smashed it on the floor.

“Arrrhh what have you done, what Is wrong with you? Anita screams with anger.

” You can’t be in my house and be cheating on me, you whore” I said angrily

Anita looked at me with so much hatred picked up the pieces of her phone and tried walking away.

“Hey, don’t you walk away from me, I am talking to you. How dare you cheat on me? I didn’t know when I started hitting her in anger.

She was able to lose my grip and ran to the bedroom without a word. My hands were shivering, I couldn’t breathe well I fell to the floor screaming.

The thought of losing Anita was killing me, the thought of her being with someone else was driving me insane.

I dont know what has come over me, but I was feeling so insecure. I wasn’t myself, I got a bottle of dry gin and started gulping it why I shiver in pain.

I can’t remember when I slept off in the sitting room, but when I woke up and went to the room…Anita was nowhere to be found, her luggage and car was gone.

I rushed out to ask Osas and he said she left an hour ago, telling him she was traveling.

It sounded like I was dreaming, i back tonthe house confuse. I know she might be in her father’s house, but what do I say to the father whoen i get there.

Shit…i need to see a Therapist. I need a solution to my bad temper.

Episode 14

Anita Pov

The moment Johnson hit me again, I knew it was time to teach him a lesson. I went into the room locked the door in case he comes after me, I packed my clothes and the necessary things I will need, not forgetting the laptop. I could hear him scream in the sitting room so I got scared of going out immediately, I sat back on the bed and called my younger brother, who was now working and staying on his own. I informed him I was coming.

I knew going to my father’s house will be easy for Johnson to locate me and I don’t want my father to know what was going on in my matrimonial home yet.

I couldn’t hear Johnson’s voice again so I came out to peep at him. I saw he was drunk and now sleeping, I rapidly back and got my things.

I was about to leave the room when I saw his wallet in the drawer.

“Well it wouldn’t be bad to be paying myself right,” I said to myself and smiled.

Don’t look at me that way….do you think I was going to get angry and abandon all my plans? Hell No.

I am still his legal married wife and he must still take care of me whether I am in his house or not.

Thank God I know his password, I once heard him saying it to Geoffery.
Geoffery runs errands for him during weekends.

I got my things with his atm card and drove straight to my brother’s house.

Johnson’s pov

I was confused on who to call, so I called my mother and told her everything. How I have been treating my wife and hitting her and how I was suspecting she was cheating on me.
I explained to her crying and pleading with her to help me look for my wife or follow me to her family house.

My mother was so disappointed in me, she said she thought my wife’s gentle nature will make me calm but instead I subdued the innocent girl in a lot of pain.

My mother insisted she will have to inform my father before we could go to Anita’s family house. Domestic violence is a serious offense and I was lucky Anita didn’ report me to the authorities all these years.

My father almost had a heart attack when my mother told him, I was filled with shame I couldn’ go to work or my house. I stayed in my family house thinking every day.

My father insisted I see a therapist before he could help me get my wife back.

He said he will go see Anita’s father alone.

I was still in my sobber state when I receive a 500k debit alert from my account.

That was when I realized my Atm was not in my wallet.

Lol, I underrated Anita but she is Clever…I began to laugh at myself


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