My Maid, My Husband’s Ex episode 5&6

“Who let you in here, Zenab?”. Kayson ignored her tempting gestures and pushed aside the foodflake.

“Your secretary. She let me in”. Zenab replied flirtatiously.

“Faith! Faith!”. Kayson called out the secretary who hastily rushed into his office. She paused frighteningly.

“What stopped you from calling me first before letting this lady in?’. He queried her. She apologized humbly.

“She forced her way in. I actually stopped her”. Faith unfurled.

“When next she comes here, don’t ever let her in. Is that clear?”. Faith nodded. Kayson waved her off.

“You”. Kayson faced Zenab. “What is this you want? I am married! Is that difficult to understand? I am married!”. Kayson’s voice howled furiously.

“Kay, I still love you. Remember you promised to love me forever. Remember…”.

“Leave my office, Zenab!”. Kayson hushed her up. “This is the last thing I ever want to talk about! I am married, young lady! Get it straight! It will never work between us! I can’t ch3at on my wife! Not with you, not with anyone! Get out!”. Kayson yelled out, showing her to the exit. She gently walked up to him, grabbed his suit tie and moved her hands slowly down his spine. Her finger caressing his lips. Kayson became mute suddenly. He felt uneasy. He recounted his love life with her. She pressed her body in him and gradually started readjusting her gown.

“Don’t deny this. You still love me, don’t you?”. She whispered charismatically, her body dancing on him to no music.

Like a man snapping out of a nightmare, Jayson held her and forcefully shoved her away. He arranged his suit and fixed his tie. She marveled.

“I rebuke you in the name of Jesus! Get behind me, Satan!”. Kayson impelled thunderously.

“I’m very sure you can’t resist me for long!”. Zenab bitterly resorted.

“In your dreams, Zenab! You irritate me! Go out there and get yourself bachelors! I am married! Are you daft?”.

“Then who will take care of the child I had for you four years ago? Answer me! Have you wondered why I traced you? Your child is there!”. Zenab confessed bitterly. The sudden shock on Kayson’s face was literally visible.

“You can’t leave me and your child!”. She said in finality and left the office. The way she slammed the door startled kayson.

“That can’t be!”. Kayson spluttered apprehensively.

Kayson tried to wave off the thought but he wasn’t concentrating. He picked up his phone and called his wife.

“Hello, Honey…how’s your day going?”. Kayson spoke lovably over the phone.

“It’s going well, Darling. Just tidying my table”. Abigail responded on the end.

“I’m famished. Can we go for lunch? I will pick you up at your office”. Kayson offered and yawned.

“Oh, I wish. At the moment, I have works on my table. Put a call to Zenab. She should get you something to eat. I will talk to you later. Love you…”. Abigail hung up immediately. Kayson’s phone clanged. He looked at it bafflingly. He shrugged and shook his head in pain.

His phone rang, it was Franklin, his bosom friend on the line.

“Guy, come in. I’m in the office”. Kayson hung up. The door opened. Franklin stepped in. A tall dark handsome man in a purple blazer.

“What’s up! Why looking fagged?”. Franklin exchanged a pleasant handshake with Kayson. He ushered him to an executive swivel classic chair opposite the glassy table before him.

“I’m ballistic, Frank”. Kayson scowled. He cleared his wet nostrils with a napkin. “Abigail got us a maid just four months to our marriage. It’s eating me up!”. Kayson wailed.

“Really, why is it eating you up? Maybe she needs a helping hand!”. Frank shrugged.

“You don’t understand, Frank!”. Kayson snapped uncontrollably. Frank was taken-aback at his sudden outburst. Frank looked at him sharply and gently calmed him.

“You’re shouting, Kayson. You’re angry. Calm down. Yes I don’t understand you. Can you explain?”. Frank was solemn and understanding suddenly. Kayson took a deep breath and exhaled relaxing.

“The lady the domestic staff company recruited was my ex. We broke up years ago….”.

“Wait!”. Frank intruded him. “You mean the domestic staff in your house right now is your ex?”. The shock on Frank’s face was alarming.

“That’s my plight at the moment. Zenab, that’s her name, she’s doing everything possible to make me have an affair with her! She just left my office few minutes ago telling me I have a son!”.

“Hahahaha! That’s a way to blackmail you! Don’t fall in, Man! That girl must be mean! She’s aware you’re married! This is absurd! Why not send her away?”. Frank angrily suggested.

“Abigail won’t let her go! Abigail is hurting me, sincerely!”. Tears gently fell from his eyes.

“Come on, don’t do that. You’re a man. Let’s see to this together”. Frank consoled him.

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