My Maid, My Husband’s Ex episode 13

That evening, everyone had gone home. Zenab’s excitement knew mo bounds as she has got Kayson to herself. The quietness of the house frightened Kayson. He really missed Abigail. He has cried his eyes out and has no kore tears to fritter away.

“Sweetheart, where in heaven’s name are you?”. Kayson picked up her picture on the wall and curiously stared at it. Tears tenderly rolled down his cheeks.

“Where are you, Abigail?”. He midly grieved.

After sitting for awhile, he got up and started scattering the room. He wasn’t looking for anything. He was just frustrated. Inside of the drawers, he saw a receptacle. He gently picked it up and checked the content.

Kayson’s eyes strummed out of its alcove at what he saw. He couldn’t get himself to believe that Abigail was taking anovulatory drugs. He carefully examined the pills. He was then convinced that they were pregnancy preventive pills. The shock gulped him down when he saw a pregnancy test result confirming Abigail pregnant and some ab0rtion pills that followed.

Kayson precipitately picked up his phone and called the family doctor.

“Was my wife pregnant?”. He asked promptly. The doctor was calm awhile. He took a deep breath. Kayson could sense the candour in the doctor’s quietude.

“My wife was pregnant and you didn’t tell me? You gave her feticide pills! I’m disappointed in you, Doctor Shola!”. Kayson decried impatiently.

“She was pregnant, Kayson. But I didn’t give her any feticide pill. I kicked against it when she requested. Kayson, you know I can’t do that. I…..”. The doctor was still taking when Kayson hung up.

His fury was berserk. He fumed insanely.

“How could she? How she terminate my baby? Is that she has a man out there and she never wanted me?”. Kayson thought out loud. He was badly thrown in a fit. He couldn’t hold the tears as they flowed down swiftly.

A tender knock came thumping at the door. Kayson didn’t respond. The tap came again. Zenab quietly entered the bedroom. Kayson was calm and teary. She gently lowered herself on the bed beside him and crossed her hand over his shoulders. She caressed him soothingly.

“All will be well, Kayson. Pull yourself together”. She voiced meekly.

Kayson turned slowly and looked at her. He wished he could feel loved. He wished it was Abigail sitting close by. He wished she didn’t hurt him so bad. A child was what he wanted from her.

“Abigail hurt me!”. Kayson cried silently. He knew he didn’t want any sympathy from anyone, not even from Zenab.

“I’m okay. Leave my room”. Kayson wasn’t looking at her. His face was straight. His looks were unkind. Zenab couldn’t understand his solid stand.

“Why is this guy so mean?”. She thought. Her hand still in his shoulders. He gently shoved her hand off.

“I appreciate your care, but it shouldn’t be consistent”. Kayson told her.

“Leave my room”. He repeated. At once, Zenab knew he meant it again. She sluggishly got up and walked to the door. She stood and turned to him.

“Whenever you need me, you know where to find me”. Zenab said emotionally and exited the room quietly.

Kayson sobbed bitterly.

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