My Maid, My Husband’s Ex episode 2


After church service that day, it was a sunny Sunday. Kayson and I were having lunch. I actually ordered for the lunch since I couldn’t cook for him.

It was his birthday and the garnished order was a surprise.

“Today’s my birthday. I would loved it if you cooked”. He pleaded in his usual soft alluring tone.

“I’ve told you not to push somethings. I haven’t started cooking. Our marriage is still young for all these. I have ordered for food already. You will love it”. I assured him with a smile and peck.

I called the gatekeeper and we sang birthday day songs for him. He had fun.

We were still outside the garden celebrating when a car drive Into the compound. A tall fat lady alighted immediately followed by another lady. They were both dressed in corporate, but the later was looking like the subordinate. The gatekeeper walked them to us.

“Pleasantries, Mister and Misses Kayson. I am Misses Kate from the Domestic Staff Consulting Agency. I must confess this sight is appealing”. The tall fat lady spoke with such coordination.

Kayson and I reciprocated the gestures.
“Oh, today’s his birthday actually. You’re welcome”. I extended a handshake.

“Meet Zenab, the new housekeeper. She’s a graduate of Estate Management and very fluent. She’s very hardworking and uncompromising”. Mrs. Kate introduced the other lady.

She looked beautiful actually. Her physically appearance almost made me rejected her at once. She was well built like me, but I was more beautiful. Her hips were so curved that they were literally visible in the red fitted corporate gown she wore. Her Brazilian blowout wig was dancing in the breeze. Her rounded face with a beautifully lined eyebrow complemented her red lipstick.

I was intimidated, but I wouldn’t want to show any disregard not to offend Kayson.
The lady in question didn’t anyway look like a maid.

“She deserves a better job, Mrs. Kate”. I solicited just to reject her.

“Well, I love doing this, Ma. I’m Okay. It pays better than government jobs out there”. The maid defended and cleared my thoughts.
“You don’t have anything to fear. I’m taught well”. She added boldly with a dominating smile. Mrs. Kate nodded in affirmation.

“She was so happy to come here when we contacted her. She’s good at her job”. Mrs. Kate added.

I turned to look at Kayson. He was quiet. He was cold. He didn’t talk. His smiles from died from the moment he saw them. I thought he was just shy. I poked him. He was startled. He feigned a gentle smile. He wasn’t looking at their faces.

“Excuse me, please. Let me see my wife for a minute”. Kayson got up and held me along. We went behind the building.

“I don’t like Zenab.”. Kayson refuted with a spluttering assertion.

“You know her?”. I asked him gazing at his trembling state.

“N-o, No-t re-ally. I don’t want her. She looks too good for this job. I don’t like her”. He insisted with a bawling air.

“Then you don’t have a reason why we shouldn’t hire her.” I waved him off and started walking away. He dragged me back.

“Are you in your right senses, Abigail? I don’t like her! For once listen to me!”. Kayson’s grip was so crutching. His eyes were flaming in their sockets. I sensed the seriousness in his voice but his reasons were not reasonable enough.

“I thought we agreed in this, Kayson. Why the hapless attitude? Or is there something you aren’t telling me? You like her? You can’t deny the fact that’s beautiful and you would flirt?”. I scourged him cholerically. He left my hand. His looks were impulsive and at the same time rebuffed.

“Suit you then!”. Kayson coughed up and turned away. He hurriedly walked away back into the room in fury. I hissed and returned to the visitors.

“So sorry for keeping you ladies. My husband’s inside on a business call at the moment. He has given his consent. I trust Zenab here won’t disappoint us”. I spoke to them and Mrs. Kate and I exchanged a handshake. She happily drove off.

I took Zenab to her room.

“Wow! This is executive!”. She exclaimed on entering the room.

“I’m glad you like it”. I grinned.
I showed her round the house and assured her of her safety and comfortability.

“Please, take very good care of my husband whenever I’m not around. Make sure you cook well, keep the house neat, wash his clothes and of course you will be paid well”. I instructed her inspectingly.

“Henceforth, you’re my blood sister. Feel free to ask me anything. Feel free to discuss anything with me”. I calmed her nerves as 8 spoke solemnly to her that day.

She was calm. She listened attentively.
“I promise not to disappoint you, Ma. Thank you very much”. She cordially comprehended.
I spread my hands and requested for a hug. She shyly fell into my arms. I hugged her. I was so emotional. I recalled my younger sister, Sarah, how we lost her in her attempt to ab!ort a six month pregnancy after she had a tree year old daughter from a runaway boyfriend.
The trauma made Mama hypertensive. Mama has been our only succour since we lost our father who died as a d!runk.

“You are crying, Ma!”. Zenab noticed. I quickly wiped my tears and smiled.

“I will take you like my younger sister, Sarah. We lost her two years ago. Although my mother is consoled with a daughter she left behind”. I explained to Zenab. I wanted to make her understand how I have taken her.

“I understand, Ma. I won’t disappoint you”. She repeated and affirmed her resolution. I tapped her and left.

I met Kayson in the bedroom lost in thoughts.
“Honey, are you okay? Zenab is settled now. I showed her round the house”. I told him.

He slowly turned to me and gave me an unforgettable look. The pain in his eyes. The heaviness in his heart and the unhappy dispositions were written all over him. He got up from the bed and walked out.

I was speechless. Kayson’s behaviour was strange. It left me muddled.

Zenab started her duties immediately.

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