My Maid, My Husband’s Ex episode 17


“You’re acting strange, my little daughter. What’s the problem?”. Mama sat Prisca down and questioned her. Mama was with a bowl of water and towel, cleaning her up.

Little Prisca hasn’t spoken a word since the incident. She has been shivering and feeling feverish

“Prisca, my daughter. Look at me. I don’t have anyone else in this world except you. Since the death of your mother, my second daughter, you and Abigail have been my source of succour, until she ran away from her husband’s house with another man as they said. I have not see my daughter for over five months now. I’m in sorrow. Please, don’t leave me inn this cold world.” Tears fell from Mama’s eyes.

“I saw Aunty Funmi”. Little Prisca said weakly. Her voice was deep but clear. She was still trembling. Mama was dumbfounded.

“You saw Abigail? Where? When?”. Mama asked in confusion. She dropped the bowl of water and towel. She drew close to Prisca.

Little Prisca explained the dream she had last night and the scary coincidence that followed afterwards.

“I don’t understand. Funmy daughter can’t be dead!”. Mama bawled heartbreakingly.

“She said we should save her”. Little Prisca added in a soft calm intonation.

“Okay, please get well! You will be going with me to Kayson’s place tomorrow. He must provide my daughter for me!”. Mama howled.

“What if Uncle Kayson isn’t having her. What if she’s in trouble where she is…?”. Prisca thought loud. Mama became calm. She cried her eyes out.

“Where’s she? Where can we find her? I can’t survive it if my daughter is gone? I can’t.

“Abigail my daughter. Where are you? kilo ṣẹlẹ sí e, Funmilayo?”. Mama wept.

“Stop crying, Mama. God will protect her”. Little Prisca prayerfully consoled Mama. She wiped Mama’s tears and rested her head on her chest.


Mama and little prisca arrived Kayson’s mansion late moon the next day. Musa, the gatekeeper let them in without notifying Kayson.
Mama and little prisca stood astounded at what they saw moment they entered the parlour.

Zenab was forcing herself on Kayson on the sofa. She was dressed half nak!ed. Her legs crossed over Kayson’s, sitting on his laps facing him with her lips pressing on his.

“I love you too, Kayson”. Zenab chorushed like a reply.

“Kayson, is that why you don’t care to look for my daughter, your wife?”. Mama’s voice snapped Kayson to his feet. He vehemently pushed Zenab off him, despite her reluctance to stand.

“Mama!”. Kayson was shocked. “I didn’t know you were coming!”.

“So that you will replan your romance with your maid? So you’re cheating on my daughter?”. Mama broke down.

“Never Mama! It’s not what you think”. Kayson got up sharply. He seemed apologetic and ashamed.

“It’s not what I think, Kayson! Your wife has been missing for over five months and nothing has been done about it. you are here romancing with your maid. I’m disappointed in you!”. Mama exclaimed in bitterness. Kayson bent his head in shane.

“Old woman, Abigail is not missing. She dropped a note of abandonment and eloped with a lover! Why are you acting like you’re not aware? your daughter is the cheat here and you should be disappointed in her! Metttteeeew!”. Zenab accosted Mama rudely. Kayson slapped her. It was so hard. It was unexpected. She held her cheek, taken-aback at Kayson’s action.

“May I remind you that this woman is my mother-in-law no matter what! The next time you talk to her like that again, you won’t stand the beast in me! pack your things and leave, Zenab! The person who even sought your services has gone! I don’t need your service!”. Kayson hit her so hard with his words. His looks were fierce and unsympathetic. Zenab literally wept and shamefully ran upstairs.

She thought kayson would support her.

“I’m sorry, Mama. It’s not what you think. Prisca come here. Mama please sit”. Kayson beckoned on little Prisca. She ran into Kayson’s arms. Mama took a relieved breath. She gently moved and sat in one of the sofas.

“We have to implore the cops to resume the search for my daughter. Something is just not right”. Mama told kayson.

“Aunty Funmilayo is in trouble, Uncle Kayson. She needs is to save her”. Little Prisca informed him. Kayson stared at them a little confused.

“Abigail is fine wherever she’s. The letter she wrote before leaving is a proof”. Kayson countered softly.

“Something is fishy, my son-in-law. Please, let’s look for her”. Mama insisted. He begged kayson.

“I had a dream, though I don’t understand it, where Prisca and Musa were dragging Abigail out of a pit. I can’t explain it”. Kayson narrated the nightmare he had the day before.

“Really?” Mama exclaimed and looked at little Prisca.

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