My Maid, My Husband’s Ex episode 24&25


Kayson got drunk to stupor. His friend drove him home and led him to the bedroom. After he he laid him to bed, he drove back.

Not quite long, Nancy entered Kayson’s master bedroom – she u dressed hurriedly. She made her way on Kayson who was fast asleep and snoring loudly.

“W-h-at!”. Zenab dashed into the room and saw Nancy dressing up. Zenab looked at Kayson – he was totally unclothed.

“What did you do?”. Zenab calmly asked with a shocking expression written all over.

“Wgat can you see I did? He’s my husband, right?”. Nancy smiled victoriously as she button her mini-gown.

“You took advantage of him! How dare you!”. Zenab bounced on Nancy like a lion diving a prey. She punched her fiercely and they fought. Nancy pushed her wildly and avoided her blows.

“Why the jealousy! He’s not yours – loser!”. Nancy lashed Zenab as she panted.

“You golddigger! You think you can come ripe where you didn’t sow?”. Zenab yawped frustratingly.

“Loser! That’s what you’re! Get it into your thick skull that he’s mine! Go out there and get yourself a Yahoo! Cause you look like a sacrificial pig!”. Nancy mocked and laughed hysterically.

Zenab’s fury grew. She jumped angrily and grabbed Nancy. Like a spinning kite in the wind, Nancy landed on the iron edge of the bed and smacked her head in the wall.

Bl0od*d splashed. Nancy convulsed and struggled for life.

Zenab ran out shivering.

“Doctor, how is she?”. Mrs Ijeoma who had met the motionless body of Nancy in Kayson’s room quickly rushed her to another hospital. She knew Zenab was responsible.

“I can’t tell for now, Madam. Give us some time with her. We will get back to you”. The doctor replied hastily.

“Please, nothing should happen to her. She’s my son’s wife!”. Mrs Ijeoma cried out to the doctor. The doctor consoled her and hurried out.

“What happened in my room? I saw stains of blo*od everywhere”. Kayson rushed out if the room to the Musa’s frontage.

“Hmmmm Oga, I don’t know oooh. I hear when Zenith bank dey fight with your new wife”. Musa squeezed his face when he mentioned ‘new wife’.

“Which new wife? Nancy isn’t my new wife!”? So they fought in my room?”. Kayson was confused.

“I woke up without my cloth on. What exactly happened?”. He further asked with strange looks

“Hmmmm Oga I no fit talk that one ooooh”. Musa hid his face hilariously.

“God, I’m losing my mind! Help me!”. Kayson took a deep breath.

“Oga, I hear say una don see big Madam and little Prisca. How Dem dey!”. Musa asked concernedly. Kayson sighed and walked away.


Kayson, in his depression, drove to the hospital with the divorce papers. He was determined to wake Abigail and make her sign the papers, so he could move on.

He was fed up with everything. He was pissed off with Zenab and Nancy’s disturbances. He was tired of his mother’s pestering.

He recalled his twenty-ninth birthday, how he made a promise to his mother to always be by her side for all the sufferings she went through for his sake.

As he got to the hospital, he cried his eyes out. It took him a whole lot to arrive at such decision. It took him his peace of mind to decide to move on.

“I have tried. I have to move on”. He wept and sniffled. He dashed into the ward Abigail was kept. He stood by her bedside and wept on.

“I learnt somethings in life in this journey of love. I know that in forgiveness, True love is choosing the many things a person did right rather than the one thing he did wrong. I have forgiven you for terminating our pregnancy and taking contraceptives, but I don’t thank I can survive the fact that you actually left me for another man. See me yearning for your return. See me escaping the numerous women just for you. See me loving you still despite all you’ve done, because true love covers multitude of sins and Love is shown more in deeds than in words. Feelings can sometimes be hard to put into words. I still love you, Abigail, but I need to move on. I’m getting hurt everything. I’m dying slowly.” Kayson dropped the divorce papers by her bedside. He stood, sobbed and finally wiped his tears.

“Whenever you see this, just sign it. I’ve moved on”. He turned slowly towards the exit.

“Kayso-n”. A cold calm voice called him. He halted sharply and gently turned. Abigail was awake!

Kayson let out his tears. It flowed down his cheeks. He hasn’t outgrown that part of him weeping like a woman.

“Why are you leaving me? What’s going on?”. Abigail spoke softly like she was whispering – her neck stilled.

“I am happy you’re awake. Please, sign the papers”. Kayson said In-between tears. He picked up the papers and dropped it on her.

“Divorce papers? Why, please! The last time I checked we never had issues”. Abigail calmly said.

“Which issue will be greater than terminating our pregnancy, taking contraceptives to prevent pregnancy, denying me of my marital conjugality, refusal to do your wifely duties, bringing in a maid despite my warnings and above all, eloping with a lover and leaving a letter! That was the worst!”. Kayson listed painfully. His voice was loud. Fury engulfed him.

Abigail was taken-aback by Kayson’s last statement.


“Do not call me honey! Don’t!”. Kayson interrupted her angrily. Abigail got startled. She has never been screamed at by her husband since they got married.

“I know the aforementioned, but I don’t understand the eloping part and leaning a note. Can you explain?”. Abigail politely begged.

“Oh don’t give me those pretentious looks! After all I did for you! After all the love I showered you! You dropped a note and eloped with your boyfriend without a word! I cried all nights! I was bullied sexually by that socalled Zenab you brought in as a maid! Do you know how many nights I went through those tortures?”. Kayson sobbed.

“Wha-t!”. Abigail was dumbstruck. She couldn’t comprehend it.

“Honey, I didn’t drop any note. I didn’t elope with any boyfriend. I was adopted and beaten to death. Sincerely, I don’t know how I survived”. Abigail confessed. Tears escaped her tears.

Kayson glared shockingly. He readjusted and moved close to her.

“What are you saying?”. Kayson asked bewilderedly. Suddenly, Abigail started coughing. She spat out bl00d.

“I will explain everything. Please, call the doctor”. She coughed again and passed out.

“Doctor! Doctor Mark!”. Kayson hurriedly picked up the papers and threw them away. He rushed out to call the doctor.


Mama was in the ward Little Prisca was kept. She didn’t know about Abigail’s resuscitation.

Mama met Doctor Mark as he came to check up on Little Prisca.
“I want to see the good Samaritan who brought my children back, even though I don’t know if my children are still alive”. Mama cried to the doctor. Doctor Mark consoled Mama and led her to the ward where Nelson was being treated.

“Jes-us!”. Mama blurted out horrifyingly. She halted glued and appalled. Her heads folder round her breasts. She gently moved closer and took a steady look at Nelson.

“Impossible!”. She shrugged disbelievingly.

“Is all well, Mama?”. Doctor Mark aaked.

“No! This man. His name is Nelson. My late daughter’s boyfriend who abandoned her with the child in the hospital! This is Little Prisca’s father!”.

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