My Maid, My Husband’s Ex episode 12

Kayson stayed awake till 5am the next day. Abigail’s contacts weren’t connecting. She didn’t return either. Whether she went out or not was what everyone couldn’t understand. From hours to days and days to a month, Abigail was nowhere to be found.

The police was informed. A search began. Abigail wasn’t seen.

Early in the morning one Saturday, Mama came around, followed immediately by Frank and Cecilia.

“Where’s my daughter, Kayson? I gave Abigail to you! Where’s Abigail?”. Mama’s voice echoed in the house that morning. Everyone stood speechless and perplexed. Not quite long, three men in black entered. They identified themselves as cops.

“Who was seen with her last?”. The first cop asked standing forward.

“She!”. Zenab quickly pointed to Cecilia’s direction.

“Wh-a-t? We left my shop together. She dropped me at my place and drove home! I spoke with her, she said she has arrived. I don’t know what’s happening here?”. Cecilia cried in self-defense.

“Madam, we are sorry you need to follow us to the station for questioning”. The man in black spoke to cecilia and ordered his boys to take her. Cecilia bawled.

“You can’t take my wife! Kayson, what’s going on. We just came here to check up you and know how we could help!”. Frank raged.

“I don’t know what’s happening, Frank. I’m as speechless as you’re”. Kayson slowly fell into the sofa sobbing.

“We will get back to you, Mr Kayson”. The cop said as they led Cecilia away. Frank’s efforts to speak to the police proved abortive.

“Eh! Abigail my daughter! Since yesterday! Someone should tell me this is not happening!”. Mama cried on.

“You will also be interrogated, Zenab. You said she came home with Cecilia. You also have a testimony. I don’t understand all these!”. Kayson flamed. He paced confusingly.

“It’s a month, Kayson! Jesus! It’s my only surviving child we’re talking about here! What have you done to my daughter?”. Mama couldn’t help it. She held Kayson vi0lently and shook him.

“Only you can tell me where my daughter is. Please! You mustn’t do this to prove your revenge on her”. Mama blasted Kayson.

“Mama what are you talking about? You of all people know I can’t hurt Abigail. Please Mama. Help me! I’m getting depressed already. I want my wife too”. Kayson cried. He gently calmed Mama and lowered her into a couch. Mama bellowed uncontrollably.

Zenab shrugged. She wondered what might happened to Abigail. She pondered over many things.

“Well, I sympathize with everyone, but I think it’s good riddance to bad rubb!sh. Kayson will have no choice than to do my bidding if truly Abigail is lost”. Zenab soliloquized with a hidden hazardous smile.

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