My Maid, My Husband’s Ex episode 9

Kayson and Frank left the office and stopped by an eatery for dinner.

“Frank, you’re married. Are you supposed to be eating out? I know Cecilia. She wouldn’t love this”. Kayson said after they took their seats and ordered for plates of egusi soup and fufu.

“My wife, Cecilia doesn’t know to cook the kind of egusi soup I like. That’s why I come here every Friday evening to eat Ms Rose delicacy”. Frank chuckled and made face.

“You’re unbelievable, Frank. Have you ever told her to learn to prepare the food the way you love it? I supposed by now she’s home stressing herself out in the kitchen and you’re here dying to eat another woman’s food. See, I promised myself never to eat out again the moment I got married. I know why I’ve been avoiding Zenab’s food. That girl is a wonderful cook. She knows my weak points. That’s why I don’t want to eat her food now I’m married. There are so many things she does that I love so much. She utilizes her cooking skills well in the kitchen and also on the other s-id-e…….”. The way he stressed ‘the other side’ amused Frank. He chuckled in a teasing way.

“I love Abigail. I love my wife. I know she can cook, there’s something she’s running away from, that I don’t know”. Kayson asserted with a disturbing look.

“Kayson, the truth is, Cecilia doesn’t really know how to cook. Sometimes I eat her food just so she wouldn’t be upset. I can’t tell her.” Frank hissed and turned to call the waitress. In a moment, the waitress came. He salivated at the sight of the garnished plate of egusi soup. He smiled towards Kayson and beckoned on him to eat.

“I didn’t ask for a plate. You did, so finish both.” Kayson sighed. “I will go home and make myself something to eat”. He added.

“Don’t you think you’re acting too good a husband? I’m beginning to see reasons why you should even give Zenab a chance. Your good is even ev1l spoken of. Abigail doesn’t respect it. Oboy, give yourself the chance to be loved.” Frank lined while he ate happily.

“There are things I do that Cecilia isn’t even aware of. I have a woman who massages my back sometimes. You do same and stop this your loyalty attitude, that’s not even helping you”. Frank whispered and hissed. He ate on with a careless stare. Kayson was taken-aback.

“You mean you ch3at on Cecilia, your wife?”. Kayson’s eyebrows rose.

“That’s really unfair, Frank! I thought you were a good husband! Oh, I was wrong! You are just a good friend, but a bad husband!”. Kayson reprimanded him. Frank laughed hysterical.

“It’s only a f00lish man that would die for a woman!”. Frank retaliated.

“That’s falsehood, Frank! It’s a only an unwise woman that would stick to an unfaithful being like you after knowing your dirtiness. You don’t just deserve Cecilia! Ha! What an irony of life!”. Kayson wailed.

“Man shut up and eat your food, Jare! You better take my advice and live long! Who knows if Abigail isn’t even cheating!”.

“Enough, Frank! Don’t talk about my wife in that tone!”. Kayson rebuked him.

“You earlier said Zenab is a good cook and also wonderful on the other side, hmm… Why starving yourself then? Meetteeew! You better know how the time ticks “. Frank waved Kayson’s angry sighs away and ate on. Kayson got up and left.

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