My Maid, My Husband’s Ex episode 11

It was late 11pm, Abigail didn’t return. Kayson’s discomfort got overboard. He couldn’t rest. He paced the house uneasily.

“I’ve called her with mine, it isn’t connecting at all”. Zenab tried consoling Kayson. Kayson wasn’t talking. He called endlessly.

“You said she went out with Cecilia”. Kayson asked Zenab. She nodded. He picked up his phone and dialed Frank’s number.

“Is your wife home, Frank?”. Kayson asked over the phone. Frank replied. “Is Abigail there then?”. He asked further. “Let me talk with Cecilia”. Kayson requested. He paused and later heard Cecilia’s voice on the other end.

“Good evening, Kayson. Is all well?”. Cecilia asked.

“How can all be well when you went out with Abigail and returned to your house while she isn’t home yet! This is past eleven!”. Kayson tried to be calm before he got off the deep end.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Kayson. I didn’t go out with Abigail this evening. We actually left my shop together and she drove me home. I called her afterwards and asked if she has reached and she said yes.” Cecilia disclosed.

“I don’t understand. You mean you didn’t come here today and……”. Kayson held his breath.

“No, I didn’t.” Cecilia paused on the other end and shortly spoke again “Is all well, Kayson? She isn’t at my place too. I know Abigail. She would have called me if she wanted visiting. Let’s try her lines again”. Cecilia hung up.

Kayson stood shocked and angry at the same time.

“You told me she left here with Cecilia after she returned from work”. Kayson faced Zenab.

“Yes, she left here with Cecilia. What’s Cecilia saying?”. Zenab inquired anxiously.

“She said she never came here today. Her three lines are all switched off.” Kayson got agitated. His anger rising.

“How can a married woman leave her house and stay out late! This has never happened! What’s Abigail turning into?”. Kayson raged after much thoughts. His phone rang. It was Frank.

“Her lines aren’t connecting. My wife has called more than six times. She even spoke with two of their friends. They said they haven’t seen her today. Calm down, please. Let’s wait awhile. Maybe she is on traffic. You know Lagos traffic”. Frank said consolingly. He hung up after Kayson affirmed.

“Call Musa for me”. Kayson told Zenab.

Musa rushed in after awhile with Zenab.

“Did you see my wife today?”. Kayson asked Musa, the gatekeeper.

“Hmmmmmm yes, na Mourning wey I see am ooh. Then in the atternoon wey her mama come here then go back, but she madam, I no know oooh. Whether she comot or not comot”. Musa explained in his usual unlearned pikin.

“I don’t get! You mean you don’t know if she actually left this compound or not! What?? What then am I paying you for? Musa! If I don’t see my wife in the next two minutes, you will go out there and look for her! Get out!”. Kayson slammed at him. Musa rushed out confused and fearful.

“Hello, Mama. Good evening. So sorry I’m calling this late”. Kayson reached out to Mama on phone immediately.

“I learnt you visited today. I was at work”. Kayson calmly said. Mama cleared her throat.

“It’s no problem my son. I hope she has made food for you this evening?”. Mama asked concernedly.

“You mean she’s not with you?”. Kayson reluctantly quirked. Mama answered in the negative.

“She’s not at home? By this time? This is past twelve midnight!”. Mama exclaimed over the phone.

“All her three lines aren’t connecting, Mama.” Kayson’s voice became weak. He was trying to hide his pain.

“Let’s exercise little patience. Please”. Mama hung up.

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