My Maid, My Husband’s Ex episode 22


Nelson and Jerome recognized the voices approaching. It was Zenab’s and a man’s voice. The darkness of the night shadowed them. Jerome held Little Prisca firmly. They hid themselves in the leaves.

“After the whole job, make sure he’s no more. I don’t want stories.” The man told Zenab. Nelson strained his ears. He looked critically. It was Chief Benson – his boss.

“What? That’s Chief Benson! The man I just told you guys about that burnt my family alive and blackmailed me!”. Nelson was mouth-ajar. He covered his mouth to avoid shouting.

“Are you serious?”. Jerome asked, also shocked.

“So, he’s working with Zenab and after these whole thing, they will ki!ll is?”. Nelson couldn’t comprehend what he just saw.

“This is all a scheme or what? Ha! I wish Bullet Gad listened to us!’. Jerome bit his finger regrettably.

“Thank God for using this little girl. I’m speechless”. Nelson suddenly became teary. He shook his head with a heart-rending look.

“Let’s hurry up. We need to leave this place immediately”. Jerome tapped him on the shoulder. They walked up to where Abigail was kept. Jerome laid Little Prisca on the ground and joined Nelson. They dug and dug and dug.

Little Prisca has passed out. Her nose and leg still bleeding.

In no time, Abigail was lifted out of the heaped sand. They quickly loosened the cloth tied round her mouth. Nelson examined her.

“She isn’t breathing”. Nelson palpitated.

“She’s still breathing! Let’s take to the hospital”. Jerome urged impatiently.

“We pray we leave this bush alive”. Nelson prayed.

Jerome carried Little Prisca. Nelson lifted Abigail on his shoulders and they ran through the noisy leaves in the serene evening. Their hands grew weak, but they ran and ran tiredly.

Behind them, thunderous noise rented the air. They heard gunshots.

Nelson and Jerome halted. They pondered on ways of successful escape. They stopped behind a tree and lowered themselves – hiding from the approaching feet.

“Jerome and Nelson will pay for this betrayal!”. The gang leader halted at the same tree with four other guys.

“Chief Benson has ordered we bring them alive. He will take over from there. Let’s go!”. The leader commanded. Nelson and Jerome listened until their footsteps died off.

“Let’s take the other route. We might get a safer escape lane.” Jerome proposed in a whisper. He carried Little Prisca again.

“Ahhh! My leg!”. Jerome screamed bitterly. Nelson held him and checked his leg. A sharp pointed branch of Manchineel tree pierced into his right leg. The cut was so deep that the white tissue showed. Blo!!od gushed out uncontrollably. He almost threw little Prisca down.

Nelson took hold of his other hand and supported him as they leaped out of the bush.

Soon, they got to the road side. A cab stopped by and lifted them to the nearest hospital.
Abigail and little Prisca were hastily rushed to the wards because the nurses recognized them as people once declared ‘Missing’.

“Admit my friend, Doctor. He’s badly injured “. Nelson beckoned on the doctor when he noticed he wasn’t paying attention to Jerome.

“We will need the police permit to treat him. Those two have been missing for sometimes now. It’s suspicious that you’re bringing them. Get the police permit immediately, do we can treat him”. The doctor said.

“You can’t be serious, Doctor! We actually rescued those two! We are victims also! Please, help him! As you can see it’s 12pm already! It’s risky out there”. Nelson begged.

“I’m sorry. There’s nothing we can do”. The doctor replied with an air of finality. As he turned to leave, Nelson screamed thunderously. He howled down the building with his weeping.

Jerome was gone. He has breathed his last.

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