My Maid, My Husband’s Ex episode 16


Mama was at the backyard feeding her goats. Little Prisca, her granddaughter, whose mother was her late daughter was at the frontage of the building picking beans. She sat on a bamboo bench under the big guava tree in the compound with a tray of beans. The cool early morning breeze chilled the atmosphere. As looked up, she saw a lady approaching. She looked closely, it was Abigail. She hurriedly dropped the tray and speedily ran to her. She hugged her tightly.

“Aunty Funmilayo, where have you been? Everyone has been looking for you? I have cried my eyes out.” Little Prisca buried herself in Abigail’s arms.

“Sorry my love, I travelled but I’m back now.” Abigail softly said.

“I’m so happy to see you! Let me take you to Mama. She’s at the backyard feeding her goats”. Little Prisca informed her and started dragging her along.

“No, Prisca.” Abigail held back. Prisca halted.

“I cannot see Mama now. She will be heartbroken”. She added weakly. The atmosphere changed. The sudden serenity and coldness Little Prisca felt as she still held Abigail.

“Aunty Funmi, your hand is very cold. Where you holding ice block? And…….”. Little Prisca looked round the compound like she was searching for something.

“You didn’t come in your car. Did you trek or board a vehicle?”. Prisca asked curiously.

Abigail sluggishly smiled. It was a faint one.

“Don’t worry about that.” Abigail took a step backward.

“Okay then, let me tell Mama you’re here”. Little Prisca started running to the backyard.

“Wait, Prisca!”. Abigail called her back. Little Prisca halted immediately and turned to her.

“I want to show you something. Come along “. Abigail beckoned on her. Prisca wondered what it could be. Thoughts ran through her mind endlessly but she couldn’t place them. She followed Abigail sheepishly till they got to the backyard where late Papa was laid to rest.

“Mama told me grandpa was laid here. What are we doing here, Aunty Funmi?”. Little Prisca stood perplexed and suddenly teary.

“Save me! Save me!”. Abigail constantly pointed to a heaped sand after grandpa’s gra!ve. Little Prisca wasn’t understanding anything. She moved to where Abigail was pointing and she saw a head buried in the sand. She looked closely and discovered it was Abigail’s head.

Little Prisca turned frighteningly to ask her the confusing question in her head but didn’t see her again.

Prisca took off as fast as her legs could carry her, shouting and falling.

“Ma-m-a! Ma-m-a!”.

“Prisca! Prisca!”. Mama shook her do hard to wake up. It was a dream.

“Ma-m-a!”. Prisca jumped up from the bed and grabbed Mama.

“Was it a dream?”. Little Prisca asked looking round the house. Mama calmed her.

“Whatever you had was a dream. Can you tell me about it?”. Mama requested.

“I will Mama. Let me ease myself”. Little Prisca got up slowly and started walking outside. Mama sat still on the bed looking at her.

She opened the door and stepped out. She moved close to the window and bent to urina!te.

“Prisca!”. She heard her name solemnly. She turned gently in a calm motion. It was Abigail.

“Aunty Fun-mi!”. Little Prisca exclaimed in bewilderment. It was 4am in the morning.

“Ho-w—-how ——how did yo-u……”. Little Prisca was still stammering when Mama came out of the house.

“”Prisca! Who are you talking to?”. Mama asked angrily. Prisca turned. Abigail wasn’t there anymore.

“Aiiiiihhhhhhhhhhhh!”. Prisca jumped up and fled into the house almost shoving mama down.

*Ah! What’s wrong with this girl?”. Mama hastily followed her.

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