My Maid My Husband’s Ex episode 29

Two Weeks later, the whole tension died down.
Nelson and Jerome have fully recovered.

The police took statements from Ada, which led to the immediate arrest of Mrs Ijeoma.

“Ah, Mum! You disappointed me! You went this far just to end the life of another person’s daughter!”. Kayson left his mother at the station and zoomed off.

The statements Mrs Ijeoma gave also led to the arrest of Zenab.

“I am the mother of your son, Kayson! You can’t do this!”. Zenab cried out to Kayson at the police station.

“I didn’t arrest you. I don’t know what you’re talking about”. Kayson fired Zenab.

Abigail got recovered after three weeks and was taken home.

The joy of everyone knew no bounds.

Musa joined in the celebration by creating humour and acting the clown.

Abigail was given the best treat ever.

Kayson and Mama pampered her in her pregnancy. She was treated like a fresh egg.

In all that happened, Abigail hasn’t been told what transpired. She knew she was adopted and beaten to death, but she never saw the perpetrators. They kept everything away from her for the moment.

When she entered the house, she quickly asked of Zenab. Everyone pretended all was well. They told her to take enough rest before anything.

Nelson and Jerome took the police to Chief’s duplex – a politician whose wealth was immeasurable.

Chief couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Nelson. He wanted to bribe his way through, but the inspector was incorruptible.

Chief was arrested and case taken to court.

Kayson, as the Executive Chairman of EFCC, gathered enough evidences to nail Chief. He was done, even chief’s money couldn’t bribe Kayson.

“You will pay for all you did to my family!”. Nelson cursed Chief as the police dragged him into the van.

Jerome and Nelson were allowed bail until court trial.
Three days later, two women visited Kayson’s house.

Mama and Prisca were at the dinning table. Kayson and Abigail were in the parlour chatting happily when they entered.

Kayson looked closely, it was Nancy and an elderly woman.

“He is the one, Mama”. Nancy pointed at Kayson.

“Nancy, what happened? Thank God you’re fine. I heard what happened “. Kayson sympathized.

“You never cared, Kayson! You never visited me in the hospital, that’s fine.” Nancy angrily blasted him.

“Your mother and some kinsmen came to our village and traditionally married our daughter. I pardon you for all that happened in your house, but what we will not take is having our daughter pregnant for her husband, but not in her husband’s house!”. The old woman thundered.

Everyone stood up and glanced in shock.

“ Pregnant? What’s going on here, Kayson?”. Abigail didn’t comprehend the whole scene

“This man is my daughter’s husband and he has successfully impregnated her! We brought her here for him to take full responsibility!” The old woman continued angrily.

“What are you talking about, Nancy? I never had anything with you! Is this blackmail or what?”. Kayson was flabbergasted.

“We had something, Kayson. We made out. Try to remember! We did it as couple!”. Nancy added.

“Ooh, you want to deny your responsibility? Never! You will take care of her! She’s here to stay!”. The old woman roared on.

“Zenab told me you’re the father of her son. Now I’m pregnant for you, you better know what to do now, because I won’t set my eyes on her again. She almost sent me to the grave!”. Nancy howled.

“Impossible!”. Abigail staggered. Her legs couldn’t carry her again. She gasped. Mama and Little Prisca quickly walked up to her and supported her from stumbling.

“This is not happening!”. Kayson gently lowered himself into the couch, his head hovering with thoughts.

“Kayson, how could you? This lady here and Zenab? What’s going on?”. Abigail broke down.

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