My Maid, My Husband’s Ex episode 18


“You actually slapped me for Abigail’s Mum! Kayson!”. Zenab accosted Kayson in the room in the midnight of that day.

She waited until everywhere was quiet. Everyone had gone to sleep.

Kayson was mute. He just laid on the bed staring into space. He pondered over what he discussed with Mama that same day. He was confused and bothered at the same time.

“Abigail left you for another man. I have been the only one here, taking care of you! What exactly do you want?”. Zenab flared.

“Leave my house! That’s all I want, Zenab! Love shouldn’t be compelled. It should be given. That’s where the best comes; when it’s given freely. Why pushing me into loving you? Even if we haven’t met before, I won’t cheat on my wife!”. Kayson determinedly spoke.

“Cheat?”. Zenab laughed hysterically. “Did I hear you say ‘cheat’. Between the two of you, who’s cheating?”. She asked satirically.

“You can’t mean this, Kay!”. Zenab was taken-aback. “A cheating wife who eloped with another man?”. She was mouth-ajar.

“Yes, she ran away with another man, but we aren’t divorced yet. When we are divorced, then I can decide if it’s convenient for me to get another wife, or she die!d, until then, I’m still a married man”. Kayson looked at her resolutely. He was dogged. Zenab could read the hard looks on his face and the intensiveness in his voice. Kayson sighed and threw his face away.

Zenab knew that if she left him alone at the moment, Kayson might never snap out of his firmness. She gazed at him for some minutes. Her thoughts hovering endlessly.

Kayson was unwaveringly static. He got lost in thoughts. He pretended not noticing Zenab. He snubbed her dectectively.

A beep spooked him out the thoughts. He turned to pick his phone. His eyes fortuitously fell on Zenab. She was still standing before him, but utterly exposed. Her pink sleeveless gown was on the floor. She stood unmoved, wholly undressed. Kayson’s eyes blinked. His heart raced faster than it was. His saliva got glued to his throat. He regurgitated. Zenab gave him a kil*ling smile. She knew he has been caught in the web. She moved closer and bent over him. Her bared body touched his hand. Kayson’s heartbeat rose. Zenab was mean. She was never letting go this time, she thought.

She has got him. She loudly chuckled.

Kayson knew he has fallen. He knew he couldn’t survive the seduction. He surrounded to the thought that Zenab would do better than Abigail. He told himself that Abigail rarely gave him most opportunities Zenab has given him. He knew that being a real man or to be one, he has to submit to the call of nature.

While the thoughts hovered in his head, Zenab was busy all over him. She helped him undress, left with his white singlet and a pan!t.

Zenab’s joy knew no bounds knowing Kayson has succumbed.

“Stop”. A soft sudden pause came from Kayson. It was faint. It wasn’t strong neither was it resolute. Zenab hurried. She heard him. She didn’t want to miss another great chance.

“St-op”. She heard him say it again. At that instant, Kayson hastily rolled himself out if the bed. He looked at himself and was marvelled how he was undressed.

“Hope nothing happened?”. He asked her looking bewildered and impassioned.

“I’ve told you. I’m not interested in you”. Kayson stood firm. He quickly grabbed his shirt. Zenab dragged it madly from him and flung it afar.

“You see today? You must do this!”. Zenab asserted purposefully. She meant it.

“Not after seeing all these.” She vowed.

“Zenab, stop this ma!dress! Is it by force? I d-on-‘t w-an-t!”. He stretched it emphatically.

“Then I will ki!! myself and you will locked up for life!”. With that, Zenab brought out a kn!fe.

“Get back to bed, now!”. She commanded him. Kayson quivered.

“Put that object away! Zenab don’t do this!”. Kayson was shuddering in fright.

“Now!”. She screamed aggressively. Kayson hurried back to the bed. Something he never wanted. A vow he made to Abigail. He couldn’t believe the drama.

“You’re going this far just to have me?”. Kayson questioned her. She dropped the kn!Fe close and jumped on him.

“Leave my uncle alone!”. A voice startled them. They looked behind and saw Little Prisca through the glassy door standing outside. She banged the door continually.

“You’re threatening him with a 🔪 kn!Fe. If anything happens to my uncle, I will testify against you”. Little Prisca said again. She beeped the door bell.

Kayson immediately pushed Zenab away from him and jumped out of the bed. He picked his cloth and dashed out of the room.

Zenab overhead him talking to little Prisca outside.

“I’m fine now. Let’s go downstairs”. Kayson led little Prisca out.

Zenab boiled. She grabbed a few things and smacked them on the floor. She scattered the room angrily.

“That bra!t!”. She aggrieved savagely.

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