My Maid, My Husband’s Ex episode 10

When Kayson got home that evening, Abigail was out. He dropped his briefcase 💼 and hurried upstairs to shower. The aroma of Zenab’s garnished spaghetti 🍝 ornamented the whole house. He held himself. After awhile, he picked up his phone and called Abigail. It was switched off. He was still with his towel on when he heard the bedroom doorbell rang. He quickly opened the door. It was Zenab, extremely clothless. Kayson stood glued and mouth-ajar at the unbelievable sight of Zenab. She held the door tightly to avoid Kayson shutting it. She whined her bare flat tummy and naked laps before him. Her yellow bra complementing the yellow underwear. She stood like an Eve in the Garden of Eden. Kayson who wasn’t conscious of his towel got lost in the sight and didn’t know Zenab’s movements.

“What are you doing?”. Kayson regained consciousness. He held her hands aloft.

“Where’s my wife?”. He asked. His eyes aflame. He shoved her away from him and grabbed his towel.

“Am I your wife’s keeper?”. Zenab yelled. “She home late at noon and later left with her friend, Cecilia”. She replied spitefully.

“Get out!”. Kayson was calm and calculative. His heart racing. His eyes ignited furiously.

“Why are you fuming, Kayson? We had an unfinished business! You’re my son’s father and it’s high time you understood that fact! We need to get married and raise that kid together! Why are you so insensitive…”. Zenab roared on.

“I said get out!”. Kayson grabbed her and harshly pushed her out of the room. He slammed the door. In a minute, he was dressed. He hurriedly rushed out of the room and met Zenab in the parlour waiting patiently.

“You better go into your room and dress up before my wife meets you like this”.

“This is also my house, Kayson! Get it straight!”. Zenab infuriatingly asserted and stood up from the couch like one ready for blows.

“You think you can dump me? Not after ten years we’ve been together! You impregnated me and got lost!”. Zenab recounted. She was bitter.

“I just hope this is not what you’ve been telling people! Well, I don’t care! We dated for ten years, yes! You got pregnant, that I don’t know! The last time I checked, Zenab, you left me! You chose a rich boy over me! I went to see your people to ask your hand in marriage after ten years of relationship, what did you do? You listened to your siblings and mother not to marry me that I wouldn’t take care of the family. They told you to marry that guy and leave me, which you did without a second thought of how I would feel. Zenab, you accepted to go on the journey with me and later didn’t show up on the traditional wedding. You didn’t show up! You abandoned me on the wedding day! You never showed up! The embarrassment you gave my family never healed! That was five years ago! How come the child? Where’s the so-called rich boy you abandoned me for? You discovered I’m rich, now I’m your spec, isn’t it? See! This will never work! I love my wife and there’s nothing you can do about it. If the child is mine, I will see to it”. Kayson angrily spurred.

“But I’m sorry, Kayson. My family pressurized me. I still love you”. Zenab begged tearfully. Kayson walked away.

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