My Maid, My Husband’s Ex episode 15


“Musa! Musa!”. Musa, the gatekeeper ran out of his room to answer Zenab. He saw her standing akimbo at his doorstep.

“Sorry, Zenab. I be no hear you”. He replied politely.

“Obviously! You have hearing impairment!”. Zenab slammed Musa rudely.

“Point of correction, don’t you ever call me by my name again! Is that clear?’.

Musa carefully looked at her and was forced to laugh but he took it back. He reluctantly nodded with a mockery gesture.

“I’m not your mare, Musa! I’m not unlettered as you! So keep boundaries!”. Zenab yelled.

“Why you dey shout? No bi you call me? You think sey I get your time for this house? Abi you think sey because na you dey cook, sey you wan act madam! See Zonob Abi na Zenith bank Dem dry call you, tell me why you call me make I comot here! Na maid you bi! I bi gateman!”. Musa hissed contemptuously.

Zenab was taken-aback. She moved down the staircase slowly and landed a tropical slap on his face. Musa rotated like a plafond fan powered by electricity. He spined on. Zenab pushed him backward.

“The next time you talk to me in that tone, you will face the hottest part of my fury, halfwit!”. Zenab turned back and furiously walked into the house.

Musa sat still on the ground wailing like a child.

Immediately Kayson’s Hatchback horn honked. It honked and honked. Musa who didn’t hear the sound, sat still on the ground crying like a baby.

Zenab ran out, shoved him hard. He stood up and fell again.

“Childish gateman, go and open that gate!”. Zenab howled angrily. Musa ran to the gate knowing it was Kayson. He wiped his eyes. Kayson drove in.

“It took you long to open the gate, Musa!”. Kayson accosted him as he slighted from the car. Musa sniffled. He couldn’t talk.

“Don’t mind the rhinoceros!, Kayson, it’s high time you sacked him! He’s too lazy!”. Zenab whooped. Kayson gave her a loathing stare and ignored her.

“Whatever happened, I apologize Musa. Let it go”. Kayson tapped him in the shoulder. Musa slightly nodded. Zenab’s anger hiked.

“Did anyone come looking for me?”. He asked Musa.

“Yes, Oga. Madam come here today. She enter inside the house, then later go out”. Musa informed.

Zenab looked at Kayson. Both exchanged a bewildering glance.

“Which Madam?”. Kayson asked inquisitively.

“Madam na…your wife. My Big Madam”. Musa smiled.

“Who my wife here?”. Kayson sharply turned to Zenab.

“Noooooo!”. She shrugged sharply. “I’ve been in the main entrance since morning. Nobody came, nobody went out! This guy is probably taking something!”. Zenab resorted.

“Noooo Oga, I see madam. She…….she…..she…..she…..”. Musa spluttered apprehensively. His speech got glued. He couldn’t talk again. He tried and tried. it was abortive.

“You see what I’m saying. He’s now drinking too much! Let’s go inside, Dear”. Zenab took Kayson’s hand and gently led him away into the house.

Musa regained his speech articulation the moment Kayson was out of sight.

“She entered the gate without the key”. He found the words he wanted saying.

Something wass strange. Musa thought. All of a sudden, he couldn’t find his articulation.

“Strange…fear dey catch me. But I see Madam! How come person wey enter inside house Zenab wey sidon for door no see am? Hmmmmm”. Musa walked slowly and sat at his doorstep.

“Dem go think sey I dey ma!d. I go find out if I truly see Madam today”. Musa promised himself.

He got up and walked in. He started looking for something.

“This thing na wetin I mo wan do for years. I dey avoid am but I know sey e don dey necessary now.” He searched and searched s d found a necklace necklet with a mirroring pendant. He wore it.

He sluggishly walked outside, tiptoeing.

Suddenly, like a flash, a white gown breezed before him. He startled and shouted.

He took off the necklace instantly. His heart raced. He ran in and locked his door.

“No, I no see anything”. He bellowed. He sat on the floor looking round the room with fear written all over him.

“GH!OST!”. He covered his mouth and squeezed himself on the wall, panting.

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