My Maid, My Husband’s Ex episode 28


Everyone knew the shots were resounding in Nelson’s ward, but nobody moved. Everyone took one hideout or the other.

Soon, the police vans surrendered the environment. A warning from the leader rented the air. People around quivered in fear.

After the uproar died down, Doctor Mark, Kayson and three cops rushed into Nelson’s ward.

On the floor of the room was Gad Bullet in his own pool of bl**00d. He was screaming in pains. Nelson was miraculously not hurt. Everyone stood dumbfounded wondering how Gad was on the floor.

Nelson pointed at the person who saved his life.

Everyone sharply turned. There, behind the door, was Jerome.


“We thought —— we —– lost him!”. Kayson was taken-aback. He gaped mouth-ajar. The doctor smiled.

“We didn’t”. Doctor Mark gently stepped forward.

“When my nurses carried him away. They discovered he was still alive. They called me immediately after attending to you when you passed out. Thank God he made it finally. We wanted you to fully recover before relating it to you”. Doctor Mark confessed. It seemed also the police officers were aware.

Tears rolled down Nelson’s eyes.

“Thank you for saving my life, Jerome. Thank God you’re alive”. He wailed.

“It’s God, Nelson. I came out of my ward to grab some fresh air outside, when I saw some suspicious moves. I trailed him. I had to pick up my pistol. I’m sorry officers. I took laws into my hands”. Jerome calmly spoke, handing over the pistol to the police. He moved forward too – handing himself to the police.

“It was actually a safe defense, Mr Jerome. Thank you”. One of the police officers said. He was their leader.

Gad Bullet was only badly injured. He was still alive.
The police handcuffed him and dragged him out of the hospital. They buzzed off. The atmosphere of the hospital regained stability and serenity again.


“Doctor Mark, Mrs Kayson won’t die. I gave you an enhancing quencher and flusher a moment after the substance was injected into her”. Stella went close to the doctor and informed. She sounded it like a whisper.

The doctor halted.

“What are you talking about?”. He asked inquisitively. Mama and Little Prisca were seated at the reception lost in tears.

“Earlier this week, I saw Kayson’s mother discussing something with Ada. She gave her a card and made some promises which I don’t know. While you were in Nelson’s ward, I quickly rushed out to check up on Abigail, because earlier that same day, I heard Ada and Kayson’s mother talking on phone. I paid attention and suspected something fishy. Unfortunately, before I could get into the ward she had already injected her and ran out. I got in and administrated the quencher. I know she will live. I studied well in school”. Stella confessed to Doctor Mark.

Doctor Mark was astounded.

“A nurse! That’s unbelievable! A nurse is a lifesaver! Not a lifetaker! I can’t believe this!”. Doctor Mark grew furious.

“Thank you, Stella! You deserve a promotion!”. Doctor Mark shook hands with her.

“As for Ada, let’s get the cops immediately”. They hurriedly out.

In no time, two policers arrived. The nurses gathered – both male and female. The doctor addressed everyone. He thanked and congratulated as many working hard and briskly announced Stella’s promotion.

“It is tragic that one of went against the ethics of the profession and therefore is relieved of her duties”. Doctor Mark pointed at Ada exclaimed in disbelief. She cried her eyes out. The nurses shrugged. They felt pity for Ada. Ada didn’t know Stella knew all her plans. She was disappointed in herself.

“Please, take her away before she contaminates our nurses!”. Doctor Mark ordered the policemen to take her.

“We will get more information from her when we get to the station”. The police officer said as they handcuffed Ada. She begged. She wailed. She fought to be freed. She beckoned on the doctor to forgive her.

“I am sorry, Doctor! Whatever I did was for my mother and siblings. I needed money to take care of them!”. Ada cried loudly as they dragged her away.

In Nelson’s ward, they Hugged each tightly. They wept on each other’s shoulders.

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