My Maid, My Husband’s Ex episode 27

“Four months pregnant! That’s an unbelievable truth!!”. Kayson exclaimed.

“Oh Jesus! This is a great news! My daughter pregnant!”. Mama felt the igniting gladness in her heart.

“But I’m afraid for my daughter. The competition in that house is dangerous for her health. Nancy and Zenab are boloth all over you!”. Mama cried out to Kayson.

“Mama, you have nothing to worry about. Nancy is currently hospitalized. Zenab will leave my house immediately all these are over”. Kayson assured holding Mama on the shoulder.

“Zenab?”. Nelson listened attentively and was surprised at the name. He looked at Little Prisca and back Kayson. He wanted saying something, something he knew about Zenab. He wanted mentioning that same Zenab was the brain behind the kidn*ap. He gave Little Prisca some eye signals.

“There’s something Daddy and I want to relate to you, Uncle Kayson”. Little Prisca turned to Kayson.
Nelson and little Prisca wanted letting the cat out the bag. They intended spilling the beans on all that transpired in the bush to the duo.

“Prisca, at the moment, there are things we need to clear on the table. Whatever you have to discuss with has to wait. Your father, Nelson hasn’t well recovered. He needs an hour rest, after which, we can talk again”. Doctor Mark intruded and convincingly led everyone out of the ward.

“Can I stay with my Dad?”. Little Prisca asked halting at the door.

“Nope, Prisca. He needs some rest”. Doctor insisted and quietly led her along as they strolled away from the ward.

“I want to see my wife. She must have woken by now”. Kayson told the doctor. He couldn’t hide the joy that finally Abigail has taken-in.

“Of could, you can see her”. Doctor Mark took the lead. Everyone trailed along into Abigail’s ward.

“Aunty Funmilayo! Doctor said you’re carrying little princess in your womb!’. Little Prisca rushed to Abigail’s bedside and shook her happily like she could hear her.

“Doctor didn’t mention the s*x of the child! Little Prisca!”. Kayson chuckled. Doctor laughed along. Mama moved up to her head.

“It’s time to wake up, Abigail! Come hear the good news!”. Mama called out smiling.

“Her hands are cold”. Little Prisca observed. She curiously looked into Abigail’s face. Her countenance has frozen. Mama looked. Kayson drew closer. Doctor Mark shoved into their midst as they suddenly surrendered Abigail.

“Excuse me, please”. Doctor Mark took over. Everyone’s looks metamorphosed. They looked agitated and unhappy suddenly.

“Jesus! Nurse! Nurse Stella!’. Doctor Mark quickly flung the door open howling her name. The nurse – Stella ran hurriedly into the ward.

“What happened? You were supposed to put an eye on her!”. Doctor Mark howled furiously. Stella stood confused. She didn’t know what to reply and what has happened to the patient.

“Doctor Mark, what’s going on?’’. Kayson calmly interrupted him. Mama and little Prisca were uncomfortable already. Doctor Mark didn’t respond. He carefully made some examinations and suddenly stood motionless.

“A life-threatening vaccine to a pregnant woman?”. Doctor Mark roared. “You were supposed to watch over her! What happened, Nurse Stella?”.

“I—–I—I— don’t know, Sir. I – was watching over her”. Stella fearfully spluttered and shivered.

“A life-threatening vaccine? Doctor Mark, what are you talking about?”. Kayson cut in impatiently. He was getting furious and teary.

“I’m sorry, Kayson”. Doctor Mark disappointedly turned to Kayson and shook his head.
Mama and little Prisca held each other. They wailed. The screaming was overbearing.

“Calm down everyone, please! I need the help of a fellow doctor to see if there’s something we can do”. Doctor Mark tried consoling them.


The door to Nelson’s ward bashed open. He gently turned to see if it was his daughter, the doctor, Kayson or Mama. It was neither of them.

“Good to see you again, Nelson!”. The hoarse masculine voice spoke icyly.

It was Gad Bullet!

“Gad!”. Nelson exclaimed shockingly. He was flabbergasted at the sudden sight of Gad – the guy they smacked thinking he died.

“Thank God you’re alive, Man!”. Nelson expressed his surprise and happiness. Gas laughed. He laughed and laughed again. He paced the room looking at the ward disgustingly. He halted and turned to Nelson.

“You actually thought I died. Your intention was to k!ll me, isn’t it? I heard Jerome has kissed the dust”. Gad said.

“Yes, we lost him”. Nelson replied pitiably.

“That’s good. I can see you now have a family, but they shall see you no more”. Gad dug his hand into his pocket and gently drew out a gu*n.

“Gad! What are you doing? You can’t do this! We are friends! Whatever happened out there was a way of getting ourselves out the sh*it. We never intended hurting you. We only made unconscious so we could successfully escape with the little girl and sister”. Nelson tearfully explained with fear written all over him.

Gad laughed.

“Save me all that, Nelson. I told you that no going back on this journey. Paying back evil for evil is the greatest revenge so far.”

“But you know that the greatest revenge is no revenge, Gad! These people are using you!”. Nelson cried.

“Shut up! You’re nothing but a rebellious fellow and Chief has asked I finish the job here! Zenab gave the information I needed. I’m sorry, Nelson”.

There was gunshots in the hospital, coming from the ward – Nelson ward. The hospital went into uproar.

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