My Maid, My Husband’s Ex episode 19



The next day was a Saturday. Mrs Ijeoma, Kayson’s mother arrived Lagos. She came to with a tall, fat, chubby, beautiful lady – Nancy.

“Ah Mum! You’re welcome. You didn’t tell me you were coming!”. Kayson met them in parlour on their arrival. He collected her bag and ushered them into a couch.

“I shouldn’t be informing you all the time of my coming. This is my son’s house, isn’t it?!”. Mrs. Ijeoma sighed and made faces at him.

“It’s Mum, but you should have informed me”. Kayson insisted. He shrugged. “You’re welcome all the same.”

“Prisca! Prisca!”. Kayson called out, looking upstairs.

“Who’s Prisca?”. Mrs. Ijeoma asked. Her eyes waging war.

“That’s Abigail’s niece. She came visiting with Mama”. Kayson replied politely.

“ Abigail’s niece? Kayson, so you’re still associating with Abigail’s people?”. Mrs Ijeoma frowned.

“I don’t understand, Mama. Abigail is my wife and her family is my family”. He answered.

“Oga eme. Abigail is gone and gone forever! The same applied to her family. No more relationships! I warned you about this girl when you declared your intentions to marry her! I told you I don’t like her! I told you her type don’t stay in a man’s house. They are irresponsible!”. Mrs Ijeoma roared.

“Mummy, Abigail and I haven’t filed a divorce yet. She left the house. Yes, but we are still married “. Kayson pressed stubbornly.

“I know you’re still under influence of infant love. Very soon, in no time, you will understand what true love is, when this beautiful lady sitting here must have finished with you”. Mrs Ijeoma smiled achievingly. She turned to Nancy. Nancy smiled like she was shy.

“This is my only son, Kayson. He’s your husband”. She introduced.

“Hus-ba-nd, I don’t get”. Kayson spluttered apprehensively.

“Yes, Kayson Chukwuma Azikiwe. Nancy is your new wife! She will take very good care of you – no complaints. Henceforth, no more Abigail this, Abigail that! She has got herself another husband, so do same”. Mrs Ijeoma noted with an air of finality.

“Oya, Nancy! Stand up. Show him what you have”. Mrs Ijeoma urged her as she took her seat. Nancy shyly got up and sluggishly twirled. She moved her balloon waist back-and-front.

“Mẹ yà ọ fúma, Nwam!”. Mrs Ijeoma urged her to do it better. She smiled widely. Kayson was bewildered. He looked on in amazement.
Nancy moved closer and placed her hands on his shoulders and whined.

“What’s going on here?”. Zenab entered the house and stormed in shock. Everyone turned to her direction. She walked up to them, dropping the provision bags she was carrying.

“I said what’s going on here?”. She thundered.
“What did you see?”. Mrs Ijeoma wasn’t shocked at Zenab’s presence.
Kayson knew trouble has set in.

“You get your hands off me!”. Kayson shoved Nancy’s hands off his shoulders. He was furious.

“Mum, I’m sorry; I’m not interested. You can’t force a woman on me. That you had ill feelings about my marriage with Abigail doesn’t mean she wasn’t the woman meant for me. Everyone has his flaws and every marriage has its ups and downs also. Abigail has gone, yes. I will remarry when I want and not when you say so! Get this cheap thing out of my house!”. Kayson blasted.

“Me – cheap? Hmm”. Nancy chuckled. “Kaysin, I’m not cheap. I know what I want and I go for it. I’m a level 300 student studying Medicine. I have worth! Don’t ever talk to me like that again!”. She cautioned and turned away from him.

“If I were you, I would go face my studies so as to graduate with flying colours and not jumping at an arranged marriage with a msn you barely know!”. Kayson fired.

“Your mum has already paid my bride price. I know everything about you, so stop saying I’m cheap”. Nancy slammed.

“Wh-at! Bride price?”. Zenab’s feet trembled on the floor.

“Mum, is it true?”. Kayson quirked.
“Yes, so true. Nancy is your wife now. I have done all the necessary things on your behalf. A few of your uncles went with me to her village and did everything. Your cousin brother, Samuel represented you” Mrs Ijeoma replied still smiling.

“You didn’t tell me”. Kayson was unbelievably soft. He tried to be calm. He was deeply shocked.

“Tell you? Why should I? The past time I told you not to take Abigail as your wife, did you accept? No, you didn’t! You went ahead to marry that untrain!ed city she-go!at! Now you want me to tell you. Impossible!”. Mrs Ijeoma aired repulsively.

“Never Mum! i won’t marry her! Take her back! Give her to Samuel to Marry. I’m married!”. Kayson’s eyes flamed.

“You don’t have a choice, Kayson!”. The sixty-two years old Mrs Ijeoma beat her chest determinedly.

“This is not happening! Mum, this wasn’t our plan”. Zenab shockingly accosted Mrs Ijeoma.

“The plan”. Mrs Ijeoma laughed hysterically.

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