My Maid, My Husband’s Ex episode 7&8

Abigail closed from work that day and had to pick her friend along. She alighted at Cecilia’s boutique and sat to wait for her to pack up.

“So sorry for keeping you waiting, Abigail. I am done packing. My car broke down, that’s why I called to follow you”. Cecilia’s hands were busy in the table gathering her things.

“Calm down, girl. Why the rush?”. Abigail poked fun at Cecilia.

“Yes, I need to hurry home, so I can make dinner for my husband. I don’t want him starving and waiting for me”. She carried her bag and picked up her keys. Abigail was bewildered at Cecilia’s devotion which she tagged ‘antediluvian’.

“Are you kidding me, Cecilia? Don’t you have a maid? Even if you don’t, your husband should be able to eat dinner out! You can’t return home after a frenetic day and still wear out yourself in the kitchen! Who does that in this modern days?”. Abigail chaffed amusingly. Cecilia winked surprisingly and chuckled.

“Really..? So who makes food for your husband? That your elephant waist and Kilimanjaro chests? Come off it jare. I don’t want anybody to do my duties for me. I’m very careful. Husband dey scarce”. Cecilia smirked teasingly and took a seat. She yawned frenetically.

“I’m so overworked!”. Cecilia laid on the couch drowsily.

“See, I think you’re stale because you’re overworking yourself! Give those chores to a housekeeper, so you don’t age before time. Look at you, Cecilia.” Abigail ragged.

“Abigail, marriage is different from dating and when you were single. The first requires sacrifice and commitment to last, while the second might involve two selfish people who don’t bother if it crashes. To make my marriage work, I need to do the wifely duties and that involves cooking for my husband and taking care of the house. At the moment, I’m looking for a way to take-in. I want to give Stanley children to fulfill the procreation aspect”. Cecilia smiled. “That’s what’s in my mind now. Nothing else”.

“Cecilia, as for me, I took out the pregnancy as soon as I discovered I took in. I don’t want to start childbearing now. I’m still too young to start having fallen chests and work out body. I don’t want my husband to start looking outside. Infact, I have made pills my bread each time after having intimacy with my husband. You’re here acting good wife. E go shock you”. Abigail got up and picked her back.

“Let’s go. My husband is waiting for me”. Cecilia hurried out and locked her shop.

When Abigail got home, she met Mama in the living-room. Kayson hasn’t returned from the office.

“Ah, Mama! kaabọ Má”. Abigail knelt to greet Mama in the Yoruba culture. Mama’s face wasn’t bright.

“Come and sit down here, Abigail”. Mama beckoned on her to sit close. “I guess work was fine today”. Mama absentmindedly asked. Abigail knew something was amiss. She lightly nodded.

“You didn’t tell me you were coming, Mama”. Abigail spoke calmly with fear written all over her face.

“My coming was urgent. I got a call that you’re not doing well maritally. What’s going on, Abigail? I taught you well the last time I checked. You were brought up well. Se nkán ṣe é ní?”. Mama yelled furiously. Abigail was quiet with the innocent looks.

“I saw a lady when I entered here not quite long. Is the your maid? Have you taken a good look at the hips you employed as maid? Did you at all really looked at the physical presentation of that woman? She’s too wellshaped to be a maid in a happily married couple homes! You should be ashamed of yourself for considering a maid at this early stage of your marriage. There are things you should be thinking of; having children and taking care of your husband and not carrying yourself like guinea pig”. Mama was angry.

“Mama, I didn’t do anything wrong na! Getting a maid isn’t wrong. Besides, it’s too early to be planning childbearing. I just got married. I haven’t enjoyed it anywhere to start depreciating.”. Abigail got up.

“I know Kayson told you. He will come and meet me in this house today. See Mama, you better stay out of my marriage. Remember you told me that if the devil is you, I should bind it. Leave us alone!”. Abigail got furious.

Mama stared inquisitively with a shocking eyebrow.

“Abigail, did you just talk to your mother like that? Okay! I will be going back to the village. Don’t ever come running to me when rails fall”. Mama picked her bag.

Abigail stood remorseful. She never meant to speak to Mama rudely. Mama left. She called the gatekeeper to make sure Mama didn’t leave the premises.

“I’m sorry, Mama. I was just angry Kayson brought a third party into our marriage”. Abigail held Mama’s hands at the gate.

“If a third party can keep your marriage, it worths it. It’s a good involvement.” With her last words, Mama insisted and left.

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