My Maid My Husband’s Ex episode 31

“Who are you and what do you want?”. Kayson interrogated the three men.

“My name is Einstein. This is Albert and David, my friends. We got an information that my wife is living here, so we came to find out and claim my documents”. Einstein, the huge msn in the middle spoke almost immediately.

“Your wife?”. Kayson gloated in dismay.

“Nancy here is my wife. Her mother’s here, ask her”. Einstein pointed at Nancy’s mother. Nancy shivered in fear.

“ Einstein, what do you want from my daughter? Do you want to continue using her as your boxing equipment? Leave her alone!”. Mama yelled.

“I can see she lied to you, Mama. It’s been three months since your daughter left my house. Did you ever called to ask what happened? Did you even visit to know if I was alive? It’s disappointing that I went to village to report myself, only to hear that you’ve given her hand out in marriage! I’m disappointed, Mama!”. Einstein yelled in return.

“I can’t believe you’re alive…Einste—-in!”. Nancy frightfully stammered, drawing back and pointing strangely at Einstein.

“Nancy, you were married?”. Kayson quirked.

“Ye——s”. Nancy stammered and quivered in fear.

“I got awarded four billion from a contract with some foreigners. I informed her. Meanwhile, she was having an affair with my secretary and they had plans to dupe me and relocate to overseas. My friend here, David got to know from the guy, because they are friends. The guy in question didn’t know David is my best friend, so he related everything to me. I got to know all these after I regained consciousness in the hospital a month ago. She poisoned my food and left with the money. That’s why we’ve been trailing her.” Einstein took a deep breath as he paused.

“This is atrocious!”. Abigail exclaimed bewilderedly. She looked at the weeping Nancy.

“Jesus! Okay, what about the pregnancy. You said something about it earlier”. Kayson quickly asked.

“The pregnancy is her boyfriend’s, not yours and not mine either”.

“You are a beast, Nancy!” Kayson cursed furiously.

“WI can’ believe all these, Nancy? You told us Einstein was beating you. You told us he maltreats you. You told us he always brings women into the house. Nancy!” Mama cried ashamedly.

“You should have asked me, Mama! You should have found our first! But no, you swallowed everything she said hook line and sinker! That’s by the way, Where’s my money, Nancy?”. Einstein moved a little forward, looking straight into her eyes.

“I am so————–rry, Sweetheart.”

“That’s the last name you should call me now. It’s over between us already. Where’s my money?”. Einstein groaned beastly.

“He ran away with the money with his girlfriend. When I got to his apartment the next day, he had left a note behind….”. Nancy flashed back.

I am sorry I had to do this. I don’t
really love you and I’m sorry to say it. I have a woman, who’s carrying my child and we are leaving this country together. Thank God for using you to bless us with this money. My condolences fir the bereavement of your husband.

Young ✍

“I am sorry,” Nancy cried after the flashback.

“My MONEY!!!!”. Einstein broke down.

“Ehhhhhhh! Nancy! How could you? Such a huge amount of money?”. Mama howled heartbreakingly.

“The effrontery to Pin another man’s pregnancy on me is alarming!”. Kayson sighed heavily and spitefully at Nancy.

“Well, she will rot in jail for this, until she’s able to pay the money. I am the new D.P.O of the Alabtu area and Albert here is a lawyer”. David announced after they had listened attentively with a recording tape. Einstein hid his tears. He sobbed bitterly. David called in four armed men. They trooped in and pulled Nancy away amidst the begging and wailing of both Mama and Nancy.

“I will ask the driver to drop you at the park, Mama. Please leave my house and never come back”? Kayson told the weeping old woman.
Abigail calmly lowered herself into a couch and wept.

“What about Zenab’s child?”. Abigail tearfully asked Kayson after the place became quiet.

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