My Maid My Husband’s Ex episode 32


“What about Zenab’s child?”. Abigail queried Kayson again amidst her tears. Kayson stared at her mutely. He didn’t know what to tell her. He wasn’t sure of the child’s paternity.

“Can we see the child and at least conduct a DNA?. This whole thing is getting me insane!”. Abigail suggested to Kayson for a DNA test to be carried out on Zenab’s son.

“We will do it. Let me go see her in the cell to know the child’s whereabout”. Kayson added.

“I will go with you”. Abigail got up from chesterfield to join Kayson.

“No, You don’t have to. You’re pregnant and you don’t need this stress. I will take care of it”. Kayson calmly held her.

“I insist. Let’s do this together. I am stronger with you”. Abigail beseeched him. He glared at her. He sighed and shrugged, letting her go with him with a reluctant stare.


Abigail and Kayson arrived the police station. After one or two words with the D.P.O – his friend David, the couple strolled down the sidewalk, hand-in-hand. They got the visitors’ office, where families meet their jailed ones. The couple sat patiently.

In a jiffy, Zenab was led out, handcuffed. Her looks were remorseful. Abigail and Kayson could read the pity all over her countenance.

She was sorry. It was obvious.

A gross silence swallowed the milieu.

Everyone remained quiet. Zenab couldn’t look at Abigail’s face. She knew Abigail was disappointed in her. She wished it never happened. She really wished she could turn back the hands of the clock. While the couple stared steadily at her, she sobbed.

Abigail on the other hand kept a gaze at her. Abigail couldn’t still believe Zenab was her husband’s ex.

She turned Nicodemusly and stole a bitter look at Kayson and back to Zenab was wasn’t looking at her.

Abigail recounted how she took Zenab. The several occasions she gave her some personal material belongings. The countless times she went to boutiques with her to shop. They had eaten together several times, saw movies and tell stories with joyful laughter and pleasant memories.

“The heart of man is desperately wicked”. Abigail soliloquized. She shrugged disbelievingly.

“I know you’re disappointed in me, Abigail. I am sorry”. Zenab said gently.

Abigail didn’t bother that Zenab called her by her name. She folded her hands round her b*****s with a steady stare.

“I am sorry.” Zenab muttered the words again. Tears accompanied.

“We want to know where the child is, so we can take him for a DNA test”. Kayson finally cut in.

Zenab took a deep breath. Tears escaped her eyes speedily.

“That won’t be necessary”. She replied, sniffling.

“It is necessary, Zenab! I want to…..”.

“He’s not your son, Kayson. I lied”. Zenab intruded him with the confession.

“Wha-t? Are kidding us right now?”. Abigail yelled infuriatingly.

“What kind of a person are you, Zenab?”. Kayson gaped.

“I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness, ever, but I couldn’t stand the shame of marrying a human smuggler”. Zenab paused. She sniffled and continued.

“Willy, the guy I ran away with, on the day of our traditional wedding, was a human smuggler. He said he will marry me the moment I take-in for him, that he won’t marry any lady who doesn’t get pregnant for him. He pended our marriage till I got pregnant for him. When he discovered I was pregnant, he came to my village and traditionally married me. One week to our white wedding, he was arrested for smuggling two female students and suffocating them in the boot of the car I was so ashamed that I left Jos to hide myself in Lagos”. She paused and sniffled again.

Her eyes are now swollen and reddish.

Abigail and Kayson listened unsympathetically.

“ISome years have gone and the child has grown. I decided to pick up the pieces of my life and live. I got a job in the domestic staff company, though I was earnestly looking for you”. Zenab rose her head slightly and stole a glance at Kayson.

“I was looking for you to forgive me, but your contact was connecting anymore. Luckily, I still remembered your mother’s house. I went there. Although she was mad at me. Yes, she even asked the gatekeeper to throw me. I left and returned the next. She did the same thing. I I kept visiting until she said she will bring us together again if I will get Abigail out of your life, that she didn’t really support your union with her. I accepted”. Zenab was interrupted by Abigail’s scream.

“Jesus Christ! My mother-in-law is involved in this?”. Abigail was mouth-ajar. She looked at Kayson. Kayson teared painfully. Abigail broke down.

“We had plans on how to go about it, but it happened that a request came from you that a domestic staff was needed in your house, I opted in to go and your mum was aware. Our agreement was that if I succeed in getting Abigail out of your life, I would marry you. I never knew she had her own plans. She brought a woman for you and told me she was taking her revenge on me”.

“G—-o—–d! How foolish I was…! I allowed the devil into my home!”. Abigail howled bitterly.

Kayson’s head remained bent as he sobbed.

“Forgive me, please. Get me out of here”. Zenab knelt down and pleaded.

“Your mother, Kayson! I told you I won’t conti8wuth the marriage plans that your mother doesn’t like me, but you kept preaching to me that it isn’t she that I am marrying. Who almost destroyed oye home?’.

“Stop it, Abigail! As much as I can never support my mother’s atrocious acts, I still blamed you! If you had just succumbed to my ‘No’ without asking questions when I frowned at this whole maid issue, the devil wouldn’t have seen a loophole to creep into our home! Don’t make me feel worse than I am already, please!”. Kayson calmly turned away from her and faced Zenab.

“I actually regret ever setting eyes on you, but I think our path crossed again, so something could be corrected in my marriage.” Kayson told Zenab. He turned to his wife, with a soft look, he hugged her. David entered with two men in black. They dragged Zenab back to the cell.

She cried endlessly.

David stood awhile looking at the cuddling couple. He smiled, shook his head and left.

Abigail wept on, in Kayson’s arms.

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