My Maid, My Husband’s Ex episode 20

Kayson was astonished at how his Mum wasn’t surprised seeing Zenab after the disgrace on the wedding day. He shrugged and walked away. Nancy fell into the sofa frustratingly angry.

Mrs Ijeoma continued the laughter.

“I don’t know the plan you’re talking about”. She laughed on pretentiously. She turned to Nancy.

“Come my daughter. We need to make lunch for your husband”. Mrs Ijeoma beckoned on Nancy. Nancy got up and followed her. Zenab with fury followed them into the kitchen. She pushed Nancy out of the kitchen and locked the door.

“What are all these about?”. Zenab blocked Mrs Ijeoma’s way after the door was bolted.

“We had a plan!”. Zenab reminded her. Her face spurred in agitation.

“We had mo plan, Zenab. Get it straight”. Mrs Ijeoma brushed her off irritatingly.

“I don’t understand! We had a plan. You told me you didn’t support Kayson’s marriage with Abigail, so I should come to see to its end.”

“That’s after you came begging me to beg my son to forgive you for embarrassing us on your traditional wedding day. Well, I have taken my own revenge. Whatever you did to get Abigail out of the way was for me and also for you to marry my son, but I will never live to see that happens, not after the embarrassment you made us face in your village. Thank you for getting Abigail out of the way”. Mrs Ijeoma chuckled satirically.

“What!”. Zenab was taken-aback. She couldn’t believe all she just heard.

“It was an agreement, Ma! You can’t do this! I’ve been trying my best to make sure Kayson’s love for is restored! You can’t bring another woman for him to disrupt all the months of my efforts!”. Zenab howled bitterly.

“How does it feel now, Zenab? My son brought all his family to your people to marry you! What did you do? You didn’t show up! You made a fool of us – the Azikiwes! Of course you can’t eat your cake and have it. You just need to test a bite of this disappointment”. Mrs Ijeoma laughed again.

“I won’t let this happen! No! I won’t sit and watch you bring another woman into this house! Never!”. Zenab swore.

“There’s nothing you can do, Zenab. If there’s anything you must do, that’s to go in there and pack your things and leave my son’s house. Don’t let me call the police and place murder charges on you’. Mrs Ijeoma vehemently stated and ignored her. She moved to the door and let Nancy in.

Zenab couldn’t cry. She heart raced incredibly. She foamed furiously. Her thoughts grew wild. She aggressively walked out of the kitchen.

Right in her room, she picked up her phone.

“Yes, meet me at the usual junction. Get the little girl. I will see you soon”. Zenab instructed and hung up.

She quickly stepped downstairs and saw Little Prisca playing with Musa – the gatekeeper.

“Don’t cross that gate ooh. I don’t want trouble”. Musa cautioned Little Prisca who has been attempting to see other children in the neighborhood.

“I will come back soon, please”. Little Prisca playfully begged. Since the gate wasn’t well closed, Little Prisca ran out.

While Musa was trying to go after her, a Toyota Camry zoomed up and snatched her. Musa screamed. The Camry sped off.

Zenab who was watching from the window angrily smiled.

“Oga ooh! Oga! Oga ooh! Oga!”. Musa leaped and ran into the house.

Everyone panicked on hearing the news. They ran outside but the car was out of sight.

Musa explained all that happened but was confused about the whole incident.

Kayson called the police immediately.

Little Prisca was driven far into another city entirely.

They grabbed her and dragged her into an uncompleted building with countless number of rooms. Little Prisca has cried out her eyes. She thanked God her eyes weren’t blindfolded. She kept looking round until they pushed into a room without windows and doors. Three armed guys were kept to look after her. Her hands were tied.

After twenty-four hours, the place became quiet. The serenity of the compound sent cold shiver over Little Prisca who thought she could be rap!ed or used for rit!u!al.

The armed men guiding the place were gone. She could hear their voices in one of the buildings in a heat argument.

She struggled and got up.

She took steps out of the room she was kept. She missed her way.

She turned and looked downstairs. Behind the room she was kept, she saw a heaped sand. She walked slowly and quietly to the scene.

“Aunty Funmi!”. She screamed. Recognizing the environment she was, she shut her mouth and cried. She could only see Abigail’s head. Her body was buried in the earth with her mouth tied.

Little Prisca couldn’t tell if she was aliv!e or de!ad.

“Aunty Funmi, Aunty Funmi!”. She called and called. Abigail was mute. Her eyes tightly shut. Her forehead bleeding.

“What should I do? I don’t know my way out’. Little Prisca wept in fright.

She knew she was deep into the bush. She started running. She ran and ran.

“Ehhhe! Stop there!’. A masculine voice echoed behind her.

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