My Maid, My Husband’s Ex episode 3

Before Abigail started her job, which often took her out every morning to work, she made Zenab wear the domestic uniform, a white long gown with blue apron well fitted to her knees.

“Of course I will only wear this usele33 gown whenever she’s around. Mtwwwee”. Zenab spitefully hissed. When she noticed that Abigail has driven off, she hurriedly ran to her room and changed over. She repacked her hair, wore a heavy makeup and put on a long gown exposing her entire chest and back.

“He’s acting like he doesn’t know me. Not for too long”. She chuckled devilishly.

Kayson was already dressed for work that Monday. His tall handsome statue cutely fitting in the suit he wore. While he was stepping down the staircase, there Zenab was, positioned before him.

“Goo-d Morn-ing, S-ir,” She phonetically twisted her tongue in such erotic manner, wagging her hips like the tail of a dog. She rolled her tongue over her lips seductively.

“You deliberately accepted to work here, Zenab. I’m happily married, so leave!”. Kayson was mean. Zenab laughed hysterically.

“No one runs away from his shadows. I thought you don’t know me”. She laughed again, still moving her body glamorously. Her waist and b*****s swaying enchantingly. Kayson gulped down his saliva, shook his head and readjusted his tie. He was sweating.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t miss all these…”. Zenab bobbed her hips and fluttered her br3asts irresistibly. She sluggishly moved towards Kayson. Kayson shivered.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t miss them”. She pressed her body solely on him and travelled her hands down gently.

“Yes, don’t resist it”. She whispered into his ears.

“Last night, I overheard your wife telling you she was tired. She didn’t perform her duty”. She chuckled.

Kayson held her hands and hung them in the air.

“How dare you!”. He flung them and pushed her away.

“You mean you’ve eavesdropping on my wife and I?”. Kayson was furious.

“How dare you, Zenab!”. Kayson pushed her again. She laughed and laughed and laughed.

“I’m offering you what your wife has refused you, young man. Stop shouting!”. She slammed.

“Leave my house, Zenab! I’m a married man!”. Kayson yelled infuriatingly.

“And who made me single? Who? You want to be married and me, single? No! Never!”. Zenab looked into his eyes with a tough determination.

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