My Maid, My Husband’s Ex



After the wedding reception that beautiful Saturday, we giddily moved into our new duplex. My husband had vowed before then that we wouldn’t observe our honeymoon in any hotel in town. His duplex had already been dedicated waiting for arrival, as a born-again brother.

Mama followed us home that day, even though it was late. She said she must leave her last words with me and it must be in my house.

“Abigail, everyone has returned back to his destination. You’re left with your husband alone. This is marital race. Never should you allow the devil into your home through any means. If I’m the devil, bind me”. Mama was solemn without smiles. Her words left me chilled and in deep thoughts. She turned back and left the house if when I asked her to stay over.

“If I’m the devil, bind me”. She chorushed it again and went out of sight. I looked through the window to see the car zoomed out of the compound.

The honeymoon was honeyed beyond definition. Kayson gave me the best treat I ever dreamt of in marriage.

We patronized every nooks and crannies of the house having fun, kitchen, restroom, parlour, bedroom, sittingroom, livingroom, diningroom, garage etc. Kayson was more than enough for me. He was the definition of a perfect husband.

We travelled to other countries and visited their capitals, Kabul in Afghanistan, Delhi I’m India, Kinshasa in DR Congo etc. We took numerous pictures with popular celebrities. We also visited one of the largest zoos in the world, Berlin Zoological Garden in South Africa. My experience was topnotch.

I knew I returned pregnant. The feelings were uncanny and I consulted a doctor on our arrival to Nigeria.

Kayson had already got a gateman from the agencies and that was enough for him. The dishes in the cuisine were so much that I he had to help me out to wash them.

“Honey, I think it’s time we get a maid. The chores in the house are too much for a young lady”. I cried out one morning after the devotion.

“That’s not necessary, Darling. I will always help you in the kitchen if you need my assistance. Anything for you”. Kayson objected politely. I was upset. He was understanding my points.

Though I didn’t tell him I was pregnant. I never wanted to be pregnant. I was protecting my Brea!sts from falling. I was still very fresh and young. I was so built that nobody passed without taking one two three glances. My hips were like Burj khalifa with promising body statue.

The marriage was just four months old! Getting pregnant was far from one of my budgets.

Without his knowledge, I quickly emptied my stomach with some contraceptives.
Knowing that I was very fertile, I don’t Skip taking pills after every lovemaking with Kayson.

“I will get pregnant when the time is ripe”. I told myself.

“I need a maid and I need it fast!”. I presented the matter again and again to Kayson. I sang it as a song everyday. When I noticed he wasn’t bending to my request, I started starving him. I starved him s3x. I served him food. I served him attention.

He knew I was that type of woman that doesn’t take ‘No’ for an answer.
One of the weeks, he resorted to fasting, since I wasn’t feeding him.

Kayson that I know would never eat outside for any reason and would dare not enter the kitchen to make food for himself.

“Are all these because I refused the idea of a maid?”. He accosted me in the middle of the night after fruitless efforts to get me to bed. I hissed and shifted far from him since the bed was a mighty one.

“Darling, my mother also say “A third party in your marriage will do three things to you: Seduce your spouse, wreck your home and take your place” I don’t like this idea of a maid in just how many months of marriage?”. He shouted.

“Getting a helping hand isn’t involving a third party. Be educated please”. I returned it to him unfriendly.

“Darling, this marriage is too young for a helping hand. What have you done that you’re complaining? I don’t like maids! All these stories of maid this maid that! I don’t want it”. He touched me. I pushed off his hand.

“that It didn’t work for others doesn’t mean it won’t work for us. I don’t want to stain my expensive nails, sweat unnecessarily in the kitchen, wash clothes, dishes, sweep the house and still look young! These house chores make one grow old quick! See Kayson, I’m still very fresh and unblemished! I don’t want to grow old early! You want to suffer me so that you will start looking outside for small small girls, right? Your plans for me will not work!”. I slammed him and hissed.

“You are complaining when you’ve not even had children.”

“In your dreams ooh! Kayson rest abeg! Just allow me sleep in peace”. I got up from the bed, pick one pillow and went down to sleep on the floor.

“Okay, I’m sorry. We will put a call through in the morning to the agency to get us an intelligent maid”. He said softly and begged me. I blushed and returned to the bed. He looked at me and shook his head.

“For this single act you served me for two weeks! Abigail!”. He shrugged.

“I’m sorry.” I hugged him and laughed.
The whole night was testimonial. I made it up to him.

In the morning, Kayson put some calls through the management of the Domestic Staff Consulting Agency for a good housekeeper.

“We need a good housekeeper, a strong boy precisely”. Kayson said over the phone.

“No, please! A female! Experienced one”. I waved at him from behind while he was still on call. His face was unfriendly. I guessed he didn’t like the idea of a female maid.

“Let me get back to you”. Kayson hung up and turned to me.

“A female housekeeper? What’s wrong with a male housekeeper?”. He asked with a weird look.

“You want to compare a female maid to a male when it comes to house chores? What about cooking? I need a female cook!”. I insisted throwing my face away.

“Okay. Whatever you want”. Kayson took back his phone and redialed the agency’s contact. He gave the phone to me and I talked comfortably with the management.

“A female housekeeper is okay.” I paused and listen “Yes, we need her immediately. Oh, yes, qualification? Hmmm! Let her be educated at least, polished English and energetic. Okay. Expecting.” I hung up, smiled broadly and threw a light kiss on Kayson’s lips.

“thank you, Honey. You’re the best!”. I got up, sat on his laps and rested myself on him. He tried to smile but it seemed he was forcing it. He held me close and pecked me.
“Whatever makes you happy is my goal”. He hugged me tightly and sang me a soft song.

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