My Maid, My Husband’s Ex episode 4

“I don’t understand what you’re saying, Zenab. You treated me wrongly the last I checked, so why acting the victim? Listen! I love my wife no matter what. Pack your things and leave my matrimonial abode!”. Kayson shrilled unpleasantly.

“Yenyenyenye yenyenyen!”. She mimicked him “I have come to stay and there’s nothing you can do about it”. Zenab ensured. She took a dekko at him and hissed.

“Your breakfast is ready. I made toasted bread and egg. You will like it”. She ushered him to the dinning table set with a sauce for bread and egg. He salivated but he refused the meal.

“Thank you. I’m not hungry”. Kayson lied. He grabbed his briefcase and started setting out. She walked up and blocked him.

“You must eat. It took me time and energy to make this. Besides, madam warned I take care of you”. She stood at the exit, crossed her legs and folded her hands. Kayson stood frustratingly.

“Do you have an idea that I’m late for work? What do you think you’re doing?”. Kayson was getting furious.

“You can’t reject my food. Since yesterday, you’ve not eaten my food. What impression are you trying to create?”. Zenab reproved him.

“You want your wife to ask me to leave? Hahahahaha…! Of course you know I won’t leave without having a pound of fl3sh!”. She plighted gravely.

“Is that a threat, Zenab?”. Kayson accosted. She chuckled. Kayson lowered his briefcase and roughly grabbed her throat. His eyes were flaming. She struggled to free herself from his grip.

“If you ever threaten me in my house again, or conceive any ill against my wife, I will deal with you! Is that clear?”. Kayson thundered. His hands clutching her throat tightly. She trembled, pulling him away.

“Is that clear!!”. He roared again.

“Y—e——s!”. Zenab replied with a croaky voice. Her eyes with a vermilion red. He released her with a fierce push. She landed on the floor and shrilled painfully. She held her throat and coughed vehemently.

“Kay—–son”. Zenab bawled like a child.

“I don’t joke with my wife. The next you talk such against my wife, or plan ills against her, I will deal with you”. With that, kayson picked up his briefcase and left the house. She listened till his car honked out of the premises.

Later in the afternoon, Zenab made lunch for kayson and traced his office.

“I came to apologize for what happened today. I made you fried rice and chicken. I know you loved it when we were together”. She brought out a sizeable foodflake.

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