My Maid My Husband’s Ex episode 30

“How could you cheat on me, Kayson? You mean you knew Zenab all along?”. Abigail still couldn’t believe.

“It is not what you think, Abigail. Zenab and I was a long story. This lady here is something I still understand!”.

“Did you hear yourself? Zenab’s your girlfriend and I never knew? You actually brought your girlfriend into our matrimonial home? You’ve been actually doing all the cheating under my jose, Jayson!”.

“Zenab is my past, Abigail!”. Kayson sniffled.

“Your past indeed! Who keeps past? Who hides the past from each other? After six months when we started dating, I sat you down and told you everything threatening you needed to know about my past! Why did you keep yours? I recalled I asked! Jayson, how could do this to me?”. Abigail sobbed bitterly.

“I am sorry I didn’t tell you about Zenab. I thought it was gone. She left me on our traditional marriage day and ran away with her Ghanaian boyfriend. I don’t know why she came back. The accusation about me having a baby with her is something I don’t know about. Calm down, please”. Kayson begged.

“Calm down? Are you serious? I should calm down when two women are having children for my husband? I can’t just believe all these! You mean Zenab disappointed you and when you saw her as our domestic staff, you couldn’t say ‘No’?”. Abigail gaped at him.

“That was why I kicked against hiring her when they came! That was why I refused your decision! That was the rationale behind my attitude when you adamantly took her in! I knew Zenab came to destroy our home but you didn’t listen! You don’t always listen to me! You’ve never listened to me! It’s always your say that happens in this house! I never wanted a maid but you insisted! When I finally accepted, I opted in for a male housekeeper but you said no! Do you know how many nights you starved me and how many nights Zenab offered to serve me? Do you know how many times you didn’t give me food even in the office, Zenab was there? She was willing to do everything you failed to do! You cared about your b*****s not falling that was why you aborted our baby! It was all about you….”.

“Oh you don’t stand there and throw stones!”. Abigail interrupted him harshly.

“You had a thing with her, what stopped you from saying ‘No’ strongly? What stopped you from opening up to me that the lady was your ex ? You think I’m f00lish not to understand? It may not be immediately! What stopped you from calling me inside the bedroom and telling me we can’t accept the lady and that you explain everything to me? You didn’t ! Okay, did you tell she was seducing you? If you had, I would have sacked her! Did you ever open your mouth? Talking about my inability to do wifely duties, it was your fault! On the night of our engagement, I overheard you telling Frank that you can’t stand a woman with falling b*****s! You told him that if your wife starts aging before you you, you will have another wife!…”. Abigail’s voice gradually dimed.

Kayson was taken-aback.

“You —- you heard that? But I was just joking! I never meant them! I was only trying to play along with Frank so that he won’t see me as old fashion!”. Kayson defended with a sincere stare.

“Joke indeed! U took every word you said that night serious and I promised myself not to do anything that will make me age! Doing house chores after a hectic day at work and bearing children weren’t my plans, until my mind is made up!”.

“Men are scu*m! They don’t know what they want! You want me to bear children and get myself work out in the house, so you would go out there to frolic?”. Abigail wept.

“I regret those words, Abigail. I never meant them!”. Kayson apologized. He went close and held her firmly Abigail cried on.

“Abigail, my child. Your journey of marriage just began. You have to make it work. You’re a woman, a very powerful woman, abs such women are home keepers . Everything is not totally wrong from Kayson. You were wrong too. Sometimes in marriage, it is not always that your will a heart-to-heart conversation with your husband. There are times when he will just say ‘No’ and you don’t argue or ask why. The explanation will come later. I believe the both of you have learnt one or two from everything. At the moment, you have to put your heads together and fix every mess “. Mama audaciously said. She held Little Prisca’s hands and they walked upstairs.

Abigail looked in her husband’s eyes and gently embraced him. In tears, they wept in each other’s arms.

“When you’re done with this drama, take care of my daughter and the pregnancy. I’m leaving to the village “. Nancy’s mother intruded into their emotional moment.

“Which pregnancy should another man shoulder?”. A masculine voice cut in interceptively.

Everyone turned to the exit. Three men stepped in.

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