It is finished episode 9


Part 9.

By Authoress Rhoda.

“Seun, if you don’t bring your husband-to-be to this house for proper introduction by this time next month, I will disown you.

I don’t know the benefit you are enjoying as a prophetess if at this junction you don’t have a man in your life.” Dad shouted as I was trying my best to explain to him when he brought the issue of marriage up.

It wasn’t as if something was wrong with me. Or is something really wrong with me?

I had numerous friends. Male friends and female friends. I gave it my all to ensure I added values to their lives.

I gave my friends my attention. I made sure they were all fine. Although, most of my friends never added values to my life.

They were demanding from me, yet they never did anything for me.

They thought being a prophetess meant being on top of the world.

They felt I was a superwoman who needed no help from anyone. They thought I had arrived.

Little did they know that I was passing through a lot of challenges. Little did they know that weeping was my stock in trade every night.

Not even one out of my numerous male friends asked me out for marriage.

“Seun, if truly I am the one who gave birth to you, if you don’t bring that man home, you will smell pepper.” Mum said as she jolted me out of my thoughts.

I wept that night. I wept till I had no strength to weep again.

“What have I done wrong? Why am I unfortunate? Why me, at age 28, no man to call my husband.” I lamented bitterly.

As a prophetess, I expected men to be chasing me up and down with marriage to the extent that I would have to choose one out of numerous, but reverse was the case.

I kept on serving God faithfully. But, there were many questions running through my mind that were uet to be answered.

I could vividly remember how I poured out my heart to God about the matter. He kept on reminding me that my marriage would be glorious. He told me my man was on the way.

I felt it was going to be soon. I thought the man God promised me was going to show up the following day.

Each morning, I reminded God of His promises concerning my marriage. Each morning too, my parents reminded me of the deadline to bring my man home.

I was in a dilemma.

3 days to the deadline, no man yet. I cried and cried and cried to God to have mercy on me, yet, he didn’t say anything. He was silent.

When it was as if my cries were becoming too much, He only instructed me to be patient. He told me my man was on his way.

2 days to the deadline, I went to sit outside. So, that if the man comes, I would see him directly and be the first person to hug him.

“Oh, foolish me!”

I sat outside, communing with God in my heart, telling him not to keep me waiting for too long. At a point, when I was tired of sitting outside, I stood up and I began to sing praises unto Him thinking that my praises would push God to send the man to me.

Around 7pm that day, I didn’t see anybody. I broke down in tears again. He only instructed me again to be patient.

“For how long???” I shouted.

I went back into my room dejected.

The day came. My parents summoned me to the sitting room and asked for my husband.

With tears in my eyes, I knelt down immediately and pleaded with them to have mercy on me. I told them there was no man in my life.

My mum laughed sarcastically, throwing her hands on her head. Shouting “Help ooo, they have finally used my daughter.”

My dad was shaking his head to and fro, clapping his hands, thinking of words to say with his eyes full of rage.

“Dad, I believe God that very soon, He will give me the best man. I believe my husband is on his way.” I suddenly said, beaming with smiles even though I was broken deep within me.

“Seun, you are out of your mind.” Mum shouted. She stood up immediately, pacing up and down.

“Seun, I renounced that God you are serving some years ago because of some issues.

Yes, I went back to my traditions. I served Ifa, and Ifa hasn’t failed me for once. Tomorrow, by the grace of Ifa, we will go and consult him. I am sure he will give you a good man… “Mum said.

” I will not do such a terrible thing.” I shouted as I walked out on her.

I went to my room and cried over and over again till I could no longer shed tears.

I thought my parents were following me when I entered my room. They weren’t.

That same evening, mum called me out of my room.

She told me to either follow her to Ifa the following day or leave their house forever.

Deep within me, I needed a man. I needed a man I could call my husband. I needed a man who would love and cherish me. I needed a man who would stand by me. I needed a man I could pour out my heart too.

I imagined myself being carried by my handsome husband in a bridal style. I imagined myself ki. ssing my husband for the very first time, which made some smiles to escape my mouth to the extent that my mum thought I was mocking her when I suddenly began to smile.

“Seun, you are really mad. You are laughing at me right?” She asked angrily.

I apologized to her and told her I wasn’t laughing at her.

I imagined myself having se.x for the very first time with my husband. I imagined myself being fed like a baby by my husband.

” Oh, I thought my thoughts were real.”

Reality dawned on me then I realized I had just returned from my dreamland during the day. It was just my thought. Not real .

How I wish they were real. How I wish the man was right beside me, giving me a warm hug that would wake the sleeping emotions in me and cause all the butterflies in my belly to leap for joy to the extent that we would both land ourselves on our matrimonial bed, taking the process further while locked in the ocean of love and emotion.

I became more annoyed with myself for not having a man.

I wanted a man urgently, but God told me the man was on his way, yet mun told me ifa could give me a man immediately.

I became confused.

My parents really wanted me out of their house if I wasn’t ready to bid to their command.

Many thoughts came to my mind. I was lost.

“l give you 5 minutes to think through.” Mum said as she walked away. Her eyes spelt F. I. R. E! I could see it clearly.

I broke down in tears again.

“God, what have I gotten myself into. What am I going to do now?” I asked no one in particular.

“Time up!” Mum shouted as she returned from her room. My heart began to vibrate.

“What is your decision now.” She asked as firm as possible.

” M… u.. m..” I stammered. Fear gripped me. I was already dead while living.

“I want to urinate, ma.” I suddenly announced.

” You are going no where.” She barked.

I fell on my knees, helpless. Praying for the ground to swallow me up alive.

“Will you follow me to Ifa’s place tomorrow?” She asked.

If you were in my shoes, what would you have done? Use the comment section.

To be continued.

©️Ojo Rhoda Ayanfeoluwa.

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