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Part 2

By Authoress Rhoda.

I didn’t meet anyone in the living room. So, I tried as much as possible to walk with my wobbly legs.

My legs weren’t like that before. But, the moment my eyes sighted blood stains on the floor in the living room, they began to shake.

I knew something was wrong.

I was terrified.

I went straight to her room.

I went cold instantly. I was already urinating on my body.

“Aunty Seun!!!!!” I shouted.

I rushed to where she was.

I tried my best to call her name in the loudest way by putting my mouth in her ear and shouting her name, but there was no response.

I let out a wild cry.

I rushed out to call a taxi to help me convey her to the hospital.

As I was rushing out, I met her daughter.

“Bidemi, what happened to your mother. I mean my sister.” I asked.

“Daddy corrected mummy for misbehaving by dealing with her mercilessly.” She said, laughing.

” Ah! Are you normal? Why are you laughing?” I asked. It was as if I should give her a dirty slap that would reset her brain.

I remembered my sister in a pathetic condition. I rushed out to get a taxi. She followed me behind.

“Aunty, don’t take mummy to the hospital o. Daddy said he is just warning her. Don’t take her to the hospital so that daddy will not kill you o.” She said.

I became confused.

“Isn’t she my sister?” I asked myself.

I didn’t listen to her. I luckily got one.

Before the person agreed to take her to the hospital, it took a lot of time.

The man was scared of using his vehicle to convey an unconscious woman.

In one word, we got to the hospital.

I called mummy to inform her about what was happening. Her response threw me off balance.

“That suits her right.” She said.

“Mummy!!!!” I shouted.

“Isn’t she your daughter?” I asked.

“Didn’t I warn her before?” Mum asked.

I pleaded with her to pay her a visit. She did. She foot all the bills as well. She couldn’t wait for long due to the nature of her job.

My sister wasn’t responding to treatment. The doctor told us she may not survive the injuries she sustained.

I remembered God.

I took her case to God in prayers, yet, it wasn’t as if she was going to make it again.

I called everyone to join me in prayers for her. They did.

Mum already wrote her off. She didn’t visit the hospital again after that day.

The moment my dad heard about the critical condition of her daughter, his health deteriorated. He was rushed to the hospital immediately.

His blood pressure increased sporadically.

After some days, his health was restored, but my sister was still unconscious.

“God, aren’t you a prayer answering God again? Lord, please, bring my sister back to life.” I cried out.

For days, nothing happened.

Her husband never visited the hospital. In fact, he sent terrifying messages to me for taking his wife to the hospital without his consent.

I wasn’t bothered at all, because I really made up my mind to take the case up. I was prepared to report the case to the nearest police station.


When all hope was gone. When I thought my sister won’t come back to life, she finally opened her eyes.

I screamed for joy when she became conscious.

The nurse was very happy, because, everything had been done to bring her back to life, but when all proved abortive, they decided to leave her to critically examine her for the following few days.

My sister finally opened her eyes. She was out of coma. But, her words terrified me.

“Sade, I have missed it. Where is my husband?” She asked.

“He has never been to this hospital ever since you were admitted here.” I replied.

“All right. I think he is my greatest mistake in life.” She continued.

“How is he your mistake. What did he do. I mean what has he been doing to you ever since you married him?” I asked thousands of questions in few seconds.

“Sade, I have missed it. Nevertheless, I hope you and millions of people out there will learn from my story.” She said.

I became more confused.

“Sade, get a pen and a book and write my story down as I narrate them to you. I know you are familiar with my life, but I want you to write all I will tell you from the beginning to the end.” She said.

I argued with her.

“How will I be writing your story down in a book?” I asked.

“Sade, I may give up the ghost any moment from now. I know my time is up. I know my destiny has been truncated.” She said.

The nurse was just looking at the two of us. After some minutes, she urged me to do as she has commanded.

“Sade, do what I ask you to do. I may die any time from now.” She instructed.

“Die any time from now? Aunty mi, you are not going anywhere o. You are not leaving me alone in this world. You are not going to die, but live to declare the wonders of God in the land of the living.” I shouted.

“Since death is knocking at your door like you said, why not give your life to Christ so that you will not end up in hell fire.” The nurse said.

“What are you saying again? My sister is not going to die, so leave heaven or hell fire out of this” I shouted at the nurse.

She kept quiet.

“Now, write as I narrate so that the whole world can learn from me.” My sister said.

I took my pen and began to write.


My name is Seun Adebayo. I am 30 years old….

To be continued.

©️Authoress Rhoda.

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