It is finished episode 6


Part 6.

By Authoress Rhoda.

She told me she wanted us to be friends again. I refused. She insisted.

“Well, can two walk together except they be agreed? Can two people walk together except they agree to do so? In fact, I know light plus darkness isn’t going to have an answer. They can’t just walk together.” I said.

“Yes, Seun. I know darkness and light cannot be in agreement. It is either they are both light or they are both darkness for them to walk together.” She said.

“Exactly. It is either you are light or you are darkness. If you are light, you can’t make friends with the darkness else, one of them will overpower the other.

It is not possible to serve two masters at the same time. You will either serve God alone or you serve devil. I am a friend of God, so I can’t be a friend to someone from the devil and otherwise.” I explained further.

” I am not a devil as you think, Seun.” She said.

I made her to understand that our friendship wasn’t going to be possible since she belonged to a group where sins were being condoned.

“Lara, I don’t believe in godly fellowship where immorality is the order of the day for renewal of strength. I solely depend on God. You depend on sex for strength. So, it is not possible for us to be friends, again.” I said.

She went on her knees and wept profusely.

I was confused.

“What is the matter?” I asked.

She made me to know that she was tired of living in immoralities.

She asked me to lead her back to Christ. My heart leaped for joy.

You know, there is joy whenever a sinner returns home.

So, my joy knew no bound.

I led her back to Calvary.

I asked if she still believed in their so called “godly fellowship”.

“No! I don’t believe any more. In fact, I promise not to step my foot there again.” She confessed.

The butterflies in my belly danced to the extent that I couldn’t help but dance with them. To which song?

I can’t really say this was the music I was dancing to. I knew I danced so well.

We became friends.

Later on, she invited a prophet to my place. The prophet also narrated how frustrated he was, living a sinful lifestyle and still proclaiming to be a prophet of God.

He asked me to lead him to Christ.

I led him to Christ.

He automatically became my friend. The three of us continued in Christ. We read our Bibles, prayed together and engaged in some spiritual activities together.

After many months of our friendship, the prophet dreamt a dream.

In His dream, he said God revealed it to him that sleeping with fellow prophets as a prophetess wasn’t wrong. He said God orchestrated that. In fact, he made it known to me that God spoke directly to his ears.

He blasted in tongues for minutes, revealing all that God showed him.

“So, prophetess Seun, if I sleep with you, it is not a sin. As long as it is between you, a prophetess and me, a prophet, we are safe. There is no problem at all.” He said.

I rebuked him vehemently.

“Get behind me O devil!” I shouted.

Meanwhile, Lara was already convinced. That day, the prophet slept with her.

When they were done, they both began to speak in tongues. They began to prophesy.

I became more confused.

“Seun, if this prophet of the most high God sleeps with you, you will receive divine inspiration. You will function well in your ministry. Just try him and thank me later.” Lara said.

I looked at her with hatred.

Before I could say “jack” the prophet flew to my side. His hands were all over my body. I couldn’t resist him.

As if I was hypnotized, I began to smile, giving him an impression to continue what he was doing.

In the midst of those feelings, bible verses rang in my head. I ignored those verses.

“Hold fast those things you have. Hold fast what you believe. Stand on your convictions and resist the devil.” A voice said.

The prophet was still using his hands to explore my body. I felt heaven on earth. My body yearned for more.

“Resist this devil” A voice said.

I couldn’t resist it because I was already swimming in the ocean of pleasure. I couldn’t resist him, I allowed him.

With our eyes locked in the depth of love, he asked if he could unclad me.

I didn’t have the strength to say “no”.

My silence gave him a “yes”.

Within 5 minutes, the deed was done.

Lara let out a dangerous laughter.

“Seun! Welcome to the group of possessed prophetic people.

We prophesy through the power of the devil. Our mission is to lead millions of people astray. Our mission is to deceive millions of people.

We disguise to be from God whereas we are the real devil. Welcome!! Well done Prophet Kunle. Mission accomplished.” She said as she laughed like a mad woman.

My eyes were opened. I cried my eyes out.

” Lara, so you are a devil. Lara, you deceived me. I thought you were genuinely saved.”I cried out.

” I am not saved at all. If I didn’t do what I did, you won’t be our prey. Welcome once again” She said joyfully.

I thought I was dreaming. I opened my eyes again, closed them, opened them again, then it dawned on me that it was real.

I cried till water stopped coming from my eyes.

I became empty.

Just 5 minutes of immorality spoilt it all.

I felt useless.

I fell on the ground and wept profusely.

The two of them were laughing in victory.

After few minutes, they left my room.

Suicide came to my mind. I felt something left me. I felt the real me was lost. I became empty. I became helpless.

I knew it was over.

To be continued

©️Authoress Rhoda.

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