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Part 7

By Authoress Rhoda.

“Prepare to die very soon, because God has finally abandoned you.” A voice said.

I called “God!!!!”

I heard nothing from him. In fact, guilt swallowed me up. The devil really sat beside me, telling me how wretched I was.

In fact, suicidal thought was walking to and fro, on the table of my heart.

“Do you know that God will never answer your prayers anymore. You are the worst person on earth. No good thing will ever come out from your life again, because God has forgotten you.

In fact, he doesn’t know if you exist or not. Just kill yourself. Yes, kill yourself.” The devil whispered.

” Go! Kill yourself! Yes, just end it all. Go, kill yourself. It is finished for you. Seun, there is a knife in the kitchen. Go, and stab yourself. Yes, just go. Go!!!!!” The voice shouted.

I stood up. I was ready to do as the spirit instructed me, because to be sincere with you, I was empty. I was useless. I was already fed up of everything. I was guilty as if I killed 5000 people.

As I stood up, someone barged in.

” Ah! Sister Seun, I am so sorry for entering into your apartment without knocking at the door. I am deeply sorry.” He said.

“Apology accepted. What do you want Pastor?” I asked angrily.

“I was just passing through this street this afternoon and thought of saying” hi.” So, I just came to say “hi” to you.” He said.

“All right. I want to do something now. I believe you’ve greeted me. Please, take your leave now. I just want to end my life.” I said courageously. I never knew I uttered “I want to end my life…”

“End your life? Sister Seun what do you mean.” He asked me.

I became stubborn. I didn’t give answers to his questions. I kept on telling him to take his leave.

“Sister Seun, you are under a spell. The devil has finally caught you. What a pity.” He said.

I became aggressive when he wasn’t leaving my house. I went straight to the kitchen to get a knife.

I thought he was going to take to his heels when he saw me with the knife.

He stood still.

Speaking in tongues.

” I command you evil spirit operating in her, loose your grip over her in Jesus name.” He shouted.

I became unconscious. It was as if I passed out.

“We are not going to loose our grip over her because she is our goat. She transgressed. She is a sinner. So, we are not going to loose her.” The spirit in me said.

My pastor began to speak in tongues.

“I command you now to loose your grip over her in Jesus name. Shall the prey be taken from the mighty or the lawful captive delivered? But thus saith the Lord, even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered… “The pastor quoted.

It was a fierce battle.

I became conscious.

“Sister Seun, now that you are normal. Tell me all that happened.” He said.

“Pastor Biodun, I missed it.” I said as I narrated all that happened, in tears.

“Will God ever forgive me again? Will I still be that godly prophetess again? Will my dreams still come through again? Pastor, it has finished.

My life is empty. Will I ever be who I was before. Pastor, 😭😭😭😭😭 help me to beg God. Pleaseeeeeee!! I know I have offended him. I know He is not happy with me. I don’t want Him to replace me. Pastor pleaseeee😭.” I cried.

” Well, Sister Seun, the way of the cross still leads home. You are far from God, but you can trace your steps back to Him.

The Bible made it known in the book of Romans that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

No matter how big your sins are. No matter how small you think your sins are, God is willing to forgive you.

Remember, whether big or small sins, sinners are bound to burn in hell fire forever. So, if you don’t want to perish in hell, the mercy of God is still available for you.

Sister Seun, I understand the fact that devil fed your mind with lies. I am very sure he told you God won’t listen to you again.

Yes, it’s true. God won’t listen to your prayers anymore because except prayers of repentance. If you are praying to God to provide money for you, He won’t answer you at all.

So, the only thing God can hear is prayer of repentance. I also understand the fact that devil painted you as the worst sinner. He made you feel as if it was over for you. He made you feel useless and unworthy.

Well, that is just one of the strategies of the devil to push you into more sin. It’s just one of the devil’s strategies to hinder you from asking God for forgiveness.

Instead of many people to ask God for forgiveness immediately they fall into sin, devil will shut them off reminding them that they are not fit to call the name of God, which is not supposed to be so.

Well, if devil doesn’t employ this strategy, how will he have many people he will drive to hell with him.

Despite the fact that you fell into sin, God still loves you. Yes, He loves you, but He detests your sin.

The fact that you fell into sin doesn’t mean God’s love for you has vanished. No, He is still that loving God and that is why you can trace your steps back to Him and trust me, His arms are widely opened to receive you back.

He is strongly knocking at the door of your heart, ready to accept you back into His kingdom, because God isn’t interested in yout death. He doesn’t want you to end up in hell. He is interested in your repentance.

You know why I am actually happy for you, Sister Seun. I am joyful because you are still alive. Assuming you committed suicide before I entered, you would have landed in hell fire.” He said.

I shivered. I could vividly remember the day I mistakenly touched a very hot pot that affected my hand for days.

I removed my hands immediately from that pot. If I could remove my hands immediately, I mean just my hand. How much more my whole body being thrown into the lake of fire.

How much more someone remains there forever. The fire will keep burning over and over again and the person thrown there will not die at all. That’s a real torment.

If I had died, I would have ended up in hell fire.

I fell on the ground and traced my steps back to God.

After tracing my steps back to God, peace unspeakable flowed into my heart.

My joy knew no bound.

I don’t know the sins you might have committed. I just want you to know that God is willing to forgive you ALL your sins. He is willing to write your name back in the book of life. All you just need to do is to:

♦️Acknowledge that you are a sinner.

♦️Believe that Christ died for you on the cross of calvary.

♦️Confess all your sins to God. Don’t even try to hide anything from Him, because if you hide your sins from God, you will not prosper (Proverbs 28:13). Don’t forget that God sees everything. There is nothing like secret in His eyes.

♦️Ask God to forgive all your sins. Invite Him into your life and ask Him to be your Lord and saviour.

That’s all.

If you’ve done all these, you can message me.


To be continued.

©️Authoress Rhoda.

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