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Part 8

By Authoress Rhoda

My joy knew no bound when one of my aunties promised me some certain amounts of money for something. I was on top of the world. In my mind, I was already doing some calculations on the money that was yet to be sent.

I kept on checking my phone for the umpteenth time to see if alert has been sent.

Disappointment was written on my face at a point when my phone beeped. It was as if I should cry.

Initially, I danced so hard like a mad woman when that message entered my phone.

“Thank God, Aunty Darasimi has sent the money to me.” I said to myself.

On checking the message, it was an SMS from MTN.

I let out a wild cry. I wasn’t expecting their message.

I accepted my fate, hoping that very soon, my container of money would land into my account.

I sat and continued drawing my plans in my mind on the money that was yet to be sent.

“#2000 for a beautiful shirt, #5000 for gown….” I finally said out loud as I was laughing at myself.

When I was done mapping out my plans, my phone rang.

I went to where my phone was with a speed of light. I placed it at my right ear, expecting to hear my aunt’s melodious voice.

Lo and behold, it was a male voice.

I almost smash the phone on the ground.

“Hello, am I speaking to Prophetess Seun?” He asked.

Simmering with anger, I shouted “yes” just for him to hang the call over there.

I expected him to quit talking with me, but he insisted I listen to him.

“Go ahead, Mr….” I shouted.

“Prophetess Seun, your attention is needed in our organization tomorrow…. “He said.

I did as if I didn’t hear him well.

Later on, he sent the address of the place to me.

I searched through my spirit to get a confirmation from God if I should go to the place the following day.

I got a” yes” from God.

I didn’t go to the place the following day until I had spoken to God on my knees for direction….

On getting to the place, I scanned through the whole place with my eyes. Many people were being invited.

My heart beat faster when I was asked to enter when it was finally my turn to go in.

It was as if the ground should swallow me up alive, because it was well written on my face that the spirit of fear had taken over my body.

Where the boldness later came from, was something I couldn’t fathom.

“Prophetess Seun, thank you for honoring our invitation.” The man said as he ordered me to take a seat.

I positioned my buttocks very well on my chair, while encouraging myself from within to stay calm and trust God for help.

“Prophetess Seun, I know you are a true Prophetess of God. Am I wrong?” He asked again.

I tried to open my mouth to give him a response, but my mouth was too heavy for me to open. I only managed to nod my head.

“Madam, I had a bad dream yesterday. I dreamt that my head was being cut off by my enemies. I want you to help me to ask God if this dream will actually come to pass. If this dream won’t come to pass, I are willing to pay you huge amount of money.” He said.

In my spirit, I commued with God. He made me to understand that truly his head was going to be cut off, because of his evil atrocities.

I gave a negative prophecy.

Immediately, his gaze narrowed dangerously to the extent that I felt an incoming headache in my body.

“What have I done again?” I asked myself.

Within me, I knew I haven’t done anything wrong.

I didn’t know that hundreds of prophets had been called upon to talk about what the man saw.

All of them gave positive pronouncements while mine turned out to be negative.

In fact, I was chased out of the office like a goat because I didn’t fail to tell him the mind of God concerning the issue at hand.

All I said made him to boil in anger.

As I was about leaving the premises, many people called me names.

“You are not a wise, prophetess. Instead of you to use wisdom to handle this issue, you went ahead and said thrash. No wonder the Bible says that people perish for lack of knowledge.

We all know that he is going to die. But, we added wisdom to our own. We told him positive words to cheer him up so that the money can be ours. Instead of you to join us in proclaiming positive things, you went there to f**k up.” One said as his brows furrowed.

” I will rather tell the truth than commit such a great sin just because of temporary money. ” I shouted as I left them.

Immediately I got home, I fell on my knees to appreciate God for the grace He gave unto me to speak as He directed.

To be sincere with you, it wasn’t easy.

Many people can’t stand for the truth especially when huge amounts of money is involved.

I poured out myself to God to take control of everything. I didn’t fail to commit the life of the man into His hands.

I didn’t want him to kick the bucket just like that without encountering God.

I prayed with tears flowing freely from my eyes like a tap of water to God for the preservation of his dear life.

Well, God made it known to me that his cup was full. Death was certain for him.

After some weeks, death knocked strongly at the man’s life.

He remembered what I said. Immediately, he sent for me.

When I got there, I was expecting him to be angry at me. But, he wasn’t.

“Seun, you are truly a Prophetess from God. You spoke to me that day without an element of lie unlike your colleagues who told lies for the sake of money. Well, hold fast the truth. It pays to be truthful. Please, keep telling the truth in whatever situation you find yourself.” He said.

I beamed with smile.

” I know I am going to die, nevertheless you will be given #200, 000 for being truthful.” He said.

I shouted for joy. It was as if the ceilings were going to be brought down. I controlled myself after some minutes. Well, it was still like a dream to me.

I noticed the way he was gasping for air. I remembered the gospel.

As I was about to preach the gospel to him, he gave up the ghost.

My world crumbled. I knew I fumbled. I wasn’t fast enough to lead him to Christ.

To be continued.

Authoress Rhoda.

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