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By Authoress Rhoda.

I had been single for as long as I could remember, and I was starting to feel the pressure from my family and even friends to get married.

I had always dreamed of finding the perfect partner, but it seemed like no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t find the right guy.

Well, to many people, they saw me as a desperate woman. Why won’t I be desperate to marry at 28 when sexual urges won’t allow me to rest?

I felt according to what was written in the Bible that it is better to marry than to burn.

I didn’t want to sleep around with guys to satisfy my sexual urges, instead, I thought of setting down in marriage so that I could have se.x any time any day without any form of guilt.

When it was as if God wasn’t bringing a man who would fill that vacuum by making himself available for me for se.x within the confinement of marriage, I felt God was wicked.

I felt God was intentionally pushing me to the wall to commit immorality.

When mum asked me for my final answer, I gave her a “yes”.

I decided to take matters into her own hands rather than trusting God by consulting the oracles (Ifa) for guidance on finding a husband.

You could imagine how joyful my mum was when I gave her a positive response.

The monent I agreed with my mum to visit the oracle, the moment my record with God as a prophetess wiped off.

I knew it. I felt it. I wasn’t bothered. In fact, I didn’t show concern about what I sensed in my spirit. All I was after was “husband”.

I had heard that the oracles( Ifa, Sango, ayilala and many more) were powerful and wise according to my mum, and I hoped that they would be able to provide me with the answers I needed.

Even though it was only Ifa we consulted.

My mum and I made our way to the oracle’s chambers, my heart racing with excitement and anxiety. I knew that this was a big step, and I was determined to get the help I needed.

As I entered the chambers, I was greeted by the mouthpiece of Ifa, a wise and ancient woman who seemed to know everything about everything.

I explained my situation, and the oracle listened attentively, nodding her head as she spoke.

After a moment of contemplation, the oracle spoke. “I see great things in your future, my dear,” she said.

“You are destined for great love and happiness, but you must be patient. The perfect partner for you is out there, but you must be open to the journey that will lead you to them. Well, in the next 30 days, a man will come around if you do the necessary sacrifice.”

I was grateful for the oracle’s words, and I left the chambers feeling more hopeful than ever before. I knew that finding a husband wouldn’t be easy, but I was determined to take heed to the oracle’s guidance and trust in the journey that lay ahead.

Over the next 30 days, I followed the oracle’s advice and remained open to new experiences and opportunities.

And sure enough, as I continued on my journey, I met a kind and loving man who was everything I had ever wanted in a partner. Though I believe he was kind and loving just to win my heart.

My mum was the happiest. My dad was on top of the world, even my dearest sister was full of joy when I told her about the man in my life.

“Didn’t I tell you that Ifa is powerful? Nothing is too hard for him.” Mum said with happiness.

Well, the two of us fell in love completely and got married, and I knew that the oracle had been right all along. I was grateful for the wisdom and guidance that the oracle had provided.

As newly married couples, we embarked on our honeymoon to a beautiful tropical island. We had always dreamed of spending our honeymoon in a far-off, exotic location, and we were excited to finally make our dream a reality.

We arrived at our luxurious resort and were greeted by the warm, sunny weather and crystal-clear waters. We spent our days lounging on the beach, exploring the island, and trying new foods at the local restaurants.

At night, we watched the sunset from their private balcony, sipping champagne and feeling grateful for the love we shared. We also took a moonlit walk on the beach, holding hands and feeling the romance of the moment.

One of the highlights of the trip was a boat tour they took to a secluded cove where we snorkeled and saw a variety of colorful fish and coral. We also hiked to a waterfall and swam in the cool, refreshing water.

As the week came to an end, we were sad to leave the paradise we had discovered on our honeymoon. We returned home with memories and experiences that would last a lifetime.

I felt my husband was the best for me. I thought he was perfect for me. In fact, I trusted the oracles more than God. If oracles could give me the most romantic man on earth, then the oracles can grant me all other requests I have. I saw no need to serve God again.


To be continued.

©️Ojo Rhoda Ayanfeoluwa.

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