It is finished


By Authoress Rhoda.

Part 1

My joy knew no bound when my mum granted me the permission to pay my “one and only” sister a visit.

Joy flooded my heart like the sea billows roll. It was as if I was being served a correct plate of fried rice with chicken.

Well, I smelt danger ahead of my sister. I knew something bad was happening or about to happen, but I just couldn’t fathom it. I had countless nightmares about her.

I actually prayed about them, but I wanted to be sure if my sister was in a good condition or otherwise.

I told my mum about it, she silenced me. She shouted at me, because she felt I wanted to rebuke her for such a dangerous step she pushed my dad take.

Why won’t her conscience be pricking her? I thought real mothers do love their children irrespective of the mistakes they might have made in life.

I thought real mothers do stand by their children through thick and thin. I thought real mothers won’t do things that may jeopardize the future of their children.

Well, I am not in any way saying that my mum isn’t a good mother. But, sometimes, I just can’t help but question the kind of mother she claims to be.

Since she permitted me to pay her a visit, case closed!

I rushed down to the market to get some things for my sister. I really wanted to surprise her, because it’s been ages I saw her.

I bought things that would make her to shout at the top of her voice to express how joyful she would be, seeing the items I bought.

When I returned home, mum saw everything I bought. Spirit of jealousy entered into her human heart.

“Sade, you are not a normal human being. You went to the market to buy all these for your sister. You never bought good gifts for me.” Mum said with seriousness.

I was laughing as if she was saying something very funny.

“Why are you laughing?” She asked.

I didn’t reply her, because I didn’t want her to disrupt my nice time.

I was busy acting drama in my mind.

I imagined myself knocking at her door, handling over the nylon containing those gifts to her, screaming on top of her voice to express how joyful she is, hugging me at the spur of the moment, pecking my left cheek and saying words that would cause the sleeping butterflies in my belly to suddenly awake and dance for joy…

All were just being played or acted in my mind.

It was mum’s playful slap that brought me back to my senses.

“Why are you laughing?” She asked again.

I told her I was laughing in the holy ghost.

All of a sudden, my conscience arrested me. I told her I wasn’t laughing in the holy ghost.

She wanted to interrogate me further. I left her presence, respectfully.

I was fully set to visit my sister the following day.

With joy, well written on my face, I got to my destination, safely.

On getting there, I knocked at her door.

No response!

I forced myself in.

As I entered, my joy vanished into the thin air.

My gifts were flinged away. I literally forgot that I bought gift for my sister.


What happened?

Should I continue?

Authoress Rhoda.

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