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By Authoress Rhoda.

“Seun, you’ve never attended our meeting before.” She said.

I was surprised.

“Which meeting?” I asked her immediately.

She told me everyone who claims to be a prophet or prophetess of God must always attend a meeting located at the outskirt of my state.

I wasn’t convinced. So, I decided not to attend.

When the pressure became unbearable, I decided to follow her.

I followed her to their meeting one day. Not a midnight meeting actually. It was a meeting usually held during the daylight.

When I got there, being a new comer, I was welcomed specially. The sang songs with their melodious voices. They all began to prophesy into my life. Some bursted into tongues while some interpreted their tongues to me.

It was an happy moment for me. I felt at home.

Along the line, I became uncomfortable. I saw my friend and a man who also called himself a prophet, romancing each other.

I thought my eyes were faulty. I turned to my left, I saw another prophet and another prophetess caressing each other.

I didn’t know when I shouted “Abomination!”

All eyes turned to my direction. They began to laugh at me for being surprised.

I became more confused.

“A true prophet and prophetess of God must abstain from all appearances of evil. A true prophet and prophetess of God must flee from immorality.” I said with boldness.

“Look at them there.” I shouted, pointing my hands towards a prophet and another prophetess who were having se.x shamelessly.

I thought others were going to be shocked when I pointed my hands towards the two people committing immorality. I thought the two of them were going to be ashamed. But, they weren’t.

“Let’s continue our sweet fellowship.” The prophet said.

“Continue what?” I shouted.

I went to where they were, shouting at the top of my voice so that they could stop it.

“Stop it.” I shouted over and over again.

It was as if I was speaking to deaf people.

Others were looking at me. They thought I was already mad. My friend tried all her best to calm me.

She pushed me, held my mouth, slapped me, did a lot of things for me to keep quiet.

I wasn’t moved by what she was doing.

After some minutes, the chief prophet called me to his office.

“As a prophet or prophetess of God, one of the things we do in this great and godly association of ours is something called godly fellowship.” The chief prophet said.

” Fellowship? So, immorality is now called godly fellowship? ” I shouted with a loud voice.

” Yes, my dear. It is a godly fellowship because we are doing it to charge ourselves up for the work of God. We are not doing it for ourselves. Unlike people of the world who engage in immoralities just to have pleasure and satisfy their sexual urges.

” Prophet, you are a liar. Where can it be found in the Bible that immorality among prophets is a godly fellowship?

Prophet, I can see that you don’t have control over your sexual appetite and that is why you want to satisfy your urges under the disguise of godly fellowship.” I said.

” Prophetess Seun, it seems you don’t understand me very well. The essence of this fellowship is for us to be more connected to God.

We do that so that we can refill our tanks of inspiration from God. You know, when a prophet and a prophetess meet together, the anointing is always doubled. It will make it very easy for you to prophesy to the people freely and hear from God’s mouth directly.” He said.

“Sir, with due respect, you are a devil.” I shouted.

The chief prophet became so furious because of what I said. He blasted in tongues and began to say things I didn’t understand.

“It shall not be well with you for what you just said. In fact, everything you lay your hands upon from today shall not prosper. Your death is around the corner.” He prophesied.

I smiled. I looked at him eye ball to eye ball.

“Surely, there is no enchantment against Jacob neither is there any divination against Isreal…

Oh ye fake prophet, all your negative prophecies over my life shall be nullified.

If truly I am a servant of God, if all of you don’t repent from this evil you are doing, you all shall surely drink from the cup of God’s wrath. You shall all be consumed by the consuming God.” I said as I walked out of his office angrily.

I got to the main hall, expecting my friend to be waiting for me. Well, she was deep into se.x. I took my bag and left without turning back.

As I was going, I felt someone was pursuing me. I began to run as fast as my legs could carry me till I took a taxi.

When I got home, memories of what happened kept on playing in my mind. I became scared. What if what the chief prophet said was right?

“I am not satisfied with my present state. I believe I can go farther in my ministry if I have some power.” I said to no one in particular.

“I bind you evil spirit talking in my mind. I am contented with what I have. I believe the beginning may be small. I know I am going places. I know one day I will be heard all over the world. All I need is patience.” I encouraged myself. I slept off.

I had another terrifying dream.

In that dream, I saw my name written on a very beautiful mansion. I was walking towards my mansion with joy when an old man tapped me.

” Seun, if you are not careful, you may not have that mansion.” The old man said.

“God forbid. That mansion is mine.” I said.

“Yes, my daughter, that mansion will be yours if you run this race to the very end without cutting corners. If you don’t look for short cuts by taking ungodly steps you will reach your promised land even though it may take years.

If you take shortcuts because of your impatience, your life and your destiny will forever be cut short. So, be patient and keep following the master.” The old man said.

I made up my mind to continue in Christ. I made up my mind to be steadfast. I was determined to be patient.

But, my friend came again.

Well, after the incidence that happened on that day I went to their meeting, the two of us weren’t in good terms. I made her to understand that all what they were doing that day was sinful.

I said words that provoked her. She parted.

After 5 months, she came back again.

To be continued.

©️Authoress Rhoda.

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